Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel

     Best Time To travel – Yes, you read that right. Being broke is the best time to travel. It is not the punchline of a joke or a typo. We have actually put a lot of thought and research into this statement. So keep an open mind and read on.

     We have been conditioned to think that life has a particular pattern that one must follow for success. We go to school. We kick up a little dust on spring break, Party between classes and we are still in the range of “acceptable” people.

     Next, we take our diploma and begin looking for the perfect job. We soon learn that the career we trained for is several rungs up the ladder from where we are. So we take a job that we may not want, but that we hope will someday get us to where we want to be.

     We soon discover that the job we took hardly keeps a frozen pizza in the kitchen and our couch is a futon which is also our bed. If someone said to you, “Hey why don’t you just go to Mexico or the Caribbean for a while?” Would you think they had lost their minds?

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Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel Includes:

Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel - The Yolo Moments

Change Your Thought Process

    Now is the best time you could choose to travel! What have you got to lose? What would you be giving up? You have a job you don’t want, a salary that barely feeds you, and a futon. That is what you are leaving. You are going to see beautiful beaches, resort hotels, foreign lands, and parts of the world you have only read about.

But, It Takes Money

    Yes, traveling takes money. But there are ways you can earn as you go. You do not have to wait until you are retired and use 40 years worth of savings to go. Instead, make a plan.

  • Where are the best vacation destinations?
  • What are the best ways to travel?
  • What marketable skills do you have?

    Take the money you have from your job, and the money from the sale of your limited belongings and make your way to somewhere you want to begin your journey. Use Craigslist, want-ads, and good old-fashioned legwork to get a job there doing anything to earn you enough to enjoy the town. Wait tables, be a handy-man, pick a corner and play your guitar. See the sites and enjoy the town and make your way to the next destination.

      When you have done all that, you can then begin planning your trip.  Remember to maximize your savings so you won’t blow your hard-earned money on an overpriced trip.  Always price compare across different platforms and remember to hide your IP address with a VPN. Travel sites are known to price-up people repeating searches.

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Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel - Cruises Resort Hotels Private Jets - The Yolo Moments
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 Cruises, Resort Hotels, Private Jets

    Update your resume and send off for a background check to prove you are not a serial killer. Then start looking for jobs that will take you to the best vacation locations in the world. Wealthy people often hire staff to go with them on journeys. Stratos Jet Charters are an industry leader in private jet travel and they report record numbers of families traveling using this avenue of travel.

    You could be a personal assistant, a manny/nanny to take the children where they want to go and to care for them while their parents enjoy their trip. Of course, you are traveling first class and have time off and a good salary to enjoy these, best vacation locations.

    Often wealthy people who are single or who cannot manage to work out their schedule times will hire companions to travel with them. You will be given the best accommodations, and your expenses are paid and you are building your resume.

    When you are in luxury destinations, network to find people with similar needs to continue your travel. Make sure you get a letter of recommendation from anyone you work for. But consider any job. Washing dishes on a cruise ship is not a bad job if it gets you passage to the Bahamas.

    Being broke is the best time to travel. You only have to earn enough to take care of yourself. There will be plenty of time for the career plans, mortgage, and 401K’s in your future. Right now, why not see the world?

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Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel - Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos
Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel – Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos

Featured Image Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos

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