Cliff Of Moher Facts: Ireland’s Panoramic Tourist Destination You Need to Visit

     Cliff Of Moher Facts – Listing all of the most beautiful places from the smallest island country of Vatican up to the biggest country of Russia could probably take us a lifetime to name all of them. Not to mention the world’s most beautiful infrastructure of India, Singapore, France and etc. as well as the breathtaking landscapes in Ireland, New Zealand, Iceland, and the United States of America. Every single country in the world has probably top-rated tourist attractions/destination they promote to attract visitors for the good of their economy.

     Well if you’re looking for your next travel destination, you might to check out our list of travel destination facts and grasp every piece of information beyond what we see in photographs and real life. Adding to the record is the scenic tourist attraction of Ireland, get to know more about this site as we’re about to unveil Cliffs of Moher facts you probably didn’t know about. Let’s get into it.

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Cliff Of Moher Facts Includes: Ireland’s Panoramic Tourist Destination You Need to Visit

O'brien's Tower - Cliff Of Moher Facts Ireland
O’brien’s Tower – Cliff Of Moher Facts Ireland | Pixabay Free Stock Photos – @pixco

1. Situated on the west coast of the country near Liscannor village, the edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. The panoramic and majestic Cliffs of Moher sits above Atlantic Ocean stretching west coast for five miles with the highest point of about 702 feet at O’Brien’s Tower.

2. The circular stone tower of O’Brien’s near the midpoint of cliffs according from Wikipedia, was built on the cliffs in 1835 by the landlord, Irish Politician and Member of Parliament named Cornelius O’Brien for the purpose of the observation tower for Victoria tourist who habitually visited the tower at that time. Though other information tells he built the tower to impress women he was courting.

3. The Cliff of Moher was said to take its name from an old defensive structure above a steep cliff (promontory port) called the Moher or Mother which once stood on the southern point – the Hag’s Head, now the site of Moher Tower.

4.  About 320 million years ago the rocks that made up the cliffs was said to be formed during the Carboniferous period when the area was much warmer and heavy rain causes floods that washed mud and sand out of the sea. The siltstone, bands of sandstone and the shale in the paving cliffs can be seen in the site.

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Cliff Of Moher Facts - Ireland’s Panoramic Tourist Destination You Need to Visit
Cliff Of Moher Facts – Ireland’s Panoramic Tourist Destination You Need to Visit | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos – Malte Baumann @buhmi


5. Beyond the infinite ocean and mighty horizon view of The Cliff’s of Moher, like any other natural wonders in the world namely Rakotzbrüke Bridge, Devils Tower, and more. Myths and legends has been surrounding in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. One is the mermaid of Moher as per All That Interesting website, where local fisherman meets a mermaid in a magic cloak and the man steals it and run to his house. The mermaid follows him but can’t find the cloak forcing her to stay inland but eventually marry the fisherman, having kids years later. Then she found the cloak and returns to the sea, never to be seen again. Second Is the Lost City of Kilstiffen, then the Corpse-eating eel and probably much more.

6.  Tourism in the Cliffs of Moher became one of Ireland’s most popular destination, even topped in 2006 list with over a million tourist visiting the site. Since then it’s no wonder the natural wonder receives such large volumes of visitors especially from aspiring photographers, nature lovers and even just an ordinary tourist looking for scenic and captivating place in the country.

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7. Cliffs of Moher has been a favorite shooting place and has been appeared/featured in several movies and  TV series such as  the 2009’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the 1987 film The Princess Bride, Ryan’s Daughter (1970), The Mackintosh Man (1973), Far And Away (1992), Father Ted TV (series) and Game of Thrones (2019). As well as a music video in Maroon 5 video of their song Runaway, Westlife’s video of “MY LOVE”  and probably so much more.

Cliff Of Moher Facts Ireland - Travel Guide Facts
Cliff Of Moher Facts Ireland – Travel Guide Facts | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos – Henrique Craveiro @hocraveiro

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Featured Image Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos – Malte Baumann @buhmi

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