5 Interesting Facts About Crooked Forest

     Facts About Crooked Forest – There’s so many beautiful and interesting travel destination around the globe for us to see, but during these difficult times, where we’re all just in our house thinking of when this be over so we can go back to our normal lives and be able to journey around the world, we choose to stay at our home and be with our loved ones.

     But while we’re not able to travel or at least limited just yet, here we’ll be featuring awesome destinations that might inspire you to spread your wings once we can see the world again. And adding to our list is a unique site you’ve probably heard of before. Continue reading as we’ve gathered facts about Crooked Forest that might excite you to visit the site in the future. Let’s get into it!

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Interesting Facts About Crooked Forest Includes:

Crooked Forest Krzywy Las - Poland
Crooked Forest Krzywy Las – Poland | Photo Credits: Martina Borchardt Flickr

• Situated near the town of Gyrfino, village of Nowe Czarnowo in the northwestern part of Poland with over 21,000 inhabitants as per 2017 census. The forest with around 400 oddly-shaped pine trees was said to be planted around 1930 and now over 80 years old.

• The vast majority of pine trees in the strange woodland of Krzywy Las or Crooked Forest are bent northward above ground level. The trees grow about 50 feet tall and are generally healthy trees despite its unnatural curvature.

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• There are a lot of mysteries and unconfirmed stories on why the trees have grown this way. One of those is a unique gravitational pull in this particular area causing the trees to bend towards the north instead of straight up. Others believed that a heavy snowstorm hit the site as they were sprouting causing the trees to bend.

Facts About Crooked Forest - The Yolo Moments
Facts About Crooked Forest  |   Photo Credits: Heidi St.Flickr

• A solid theory is believed to have caused the abnormally distorted trees and that is some human technique or tool was used to make the trees bend by people back then to curve the trees intentionally for use of making a boat or furniture.

• The eerie-looking Crooked Forest was featured in season 1 of “The UnXplained” a non-fiction series on the History Channel. The Crooked Forest is open to the public and serves as a popular tourist attraction in the region.

Facts About Crooked Forest Poland - The Yolo Moments
Facts About Crooked Forest Poland – The Yolo Moments

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Featured Image Photo Credits: Heidi St.Flickr

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