5 Interesting Facts About Hill of Crosses

Facts About Hill of Crosses – They say, nothing beats a good ghost story on Halloween, but we say knowing deeper like when and the story of where it happens surely makes it even more fun. Turns out our planet is full of haunted and terrifying locations, and if you’re a fan of paranormal activities and myths, travel enthusiasts intrigued by these haunted places, or a reader sitting comfortably in your favorite spot then you’re probably here to get know of this spooky destination we’re about to feature.

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So here we are, we’ve gathered up facts about Hill of Crosses you probably didn’t know that might intrigued our human mind. Let’s get into it!

Interesting Facts About Hill of Crosses Includes:

5 Interesting Facts About Hill of Crosses - The Yolo Moments
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1. Situated about 12 km north of the fourth largest city of the Šiauliai, Lithuania in Northern Europe with a population of more than 107,000. Hill of Crosses is a major site of Catholic pilgrimage of the country with about 60 meters or 200 feet long hill, covering more than 4500 square meters.

2. The exact number of crosses on the site is unknown. But as per sources in 1990, an estimate of 55,000 crosses existed, in 2006 there are 100,000 and currently it is believed to have over 200,000 crosses on the hill. As per Wikipedia, it is also believed that the first crosses of the site were placed in the year 1831 Polish-Russian War or the Cadet Revolution on the former Jurgaičiai or Domantai hill fort. And over the generations passed by, not only crucifix and crosses made of wood or metal are placed on the site but also rosaries and tiny effigies, carvings of Lithuanian patriots, and statues of the Virgin Mary.

Facts About Hill of Crosses Lithuania
Facts About Hill of Crosses Lithuania | Photo Credits: Gerry Lynch Flickr

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3. Most of the people believed in Christ and are Catholic. And after the World War, the crosses became very important to people to commemorate and remember their men who had died. They kept putting crosses on the hill, but it is said that the Soviet government bulldozed the hill and put sewage and trash on the hill. But the people didn’t care, instead, locals cleaned it up and put more crosses up. Finally, in the year 1994, the country won its freedom from the Soviet Union, and from then the hill is open to the public to visit, worship and, leave crosses if they choose.

4. Pope John Paul II the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 1978 visited the Hill of Cross in 1993 and he declared it peace of sacrifice, peace, and love.

5. Hill of Crosses in Lithuania is listed by various travel lifestyles and news magazines online such as Condé Nast, Travel and Leisure, and MSN as one of the world’s most terrifying and scariest places in the world together with North Yungas Road, Bolivia, The Catacombs in Paris and etc.

Hill of Crosses Facts Lithuania - Travel Facts
Hill of Crosses Facts Lithuania – The Yolo Moments

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