Facts About Mount Roraima: Fascinating Lost World Island In The Sky

  Facts About Mount Roraima – The world is big and the planet earth where we’re living has never stopped to amaze us. That’s why every year the industry of travel and tourism have been bigger and becoming a popular trend in our generation. Results of this are travel destinations has become even more crowded, search for new travel spot/ attraction has been a big deal either it’s a natural attraction or man-made itself and worst is believe it or not these incredible places have been destroyed by us humans.

  But as we all know these are just the bad parts and negative impacts of tourism mostly caused by irresponsible tourist, improper promotion and social media marketing just to attract customers and much more. The good thing in all of these, tourism provides jobs and improves the wealth of an area and as a matter of fact, many developing countries are keen to develop tourism to improve the quality of life for their people. Now if you’re into traveling and you’re interested to know more about these travel destinations, we have gathered fascinating facts about Mount Roraima you probably didn’t know about. Let’s get into this!

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Facts About Mount Roraima Includes: Fascinating Lost World Island In The Sky

Facts About Mount Roraima - Fascinating Lost World Island In The Sky
Facts About Mount Roraima – Fascinating Lost World Island In The Sky | Photo Credits: Feel The Planet Official Website

1. Lies on the Guiana Shield in the southeast corner of Venezuela 30,000 sq-km (12,000 sq-miles). As per Atlas Obscura website, Mount Roraima is surrounded by three countries namely Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela whose borderlines intersect on the estimated 400-meter high-cliff four side’s wall.

2. As per Wikipedia, Mount Roraima is in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park and the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus – table top in South America and in the world. Mount Roraima is about 9222ft (2810m) tall at its highest point, 9mi (14km) long,  and about 1300 ft (400m) cliffs on each side of the plateau.

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3. In December 1884 the first recorded expedition to the summit of Mount Roraima was organized by Everard F. im Thurn with Harry Innis Perkin and several locals. Until now the same route is used by hikers as they make their way through to the top.

Facts about Mount Roraima – Travel Facts | Photo Credits: Owner


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4. But it was an English writer, poet, politician, and explorer named Sir Walter Raleigh during his expedition in 1595 first described Mount Roraima as 31 square-kilometer (12 sq-mile) summit area largely sandstone without much vegetation and has cliffs on all sides with about 400 meters (1,300 ft.)

5. Mount Roraima is one of the world’s most extraordinary natural geological formations and its tabletop mountains is said to be dating back over 2 billion years ago. Also, its summit usually experiences heavy rainfall all year round and covered in fog and as per website Beautiful World, it features wildflower gardens, gorges, black rocks and number of pools.

6. Since before discovery of the mountain by European explorers, Pemon and Kapon indigenous people has always had special significance to Roraima and many myths and legends passed down through generations. One of those is they see Mount Roraima as the stump of a mighty tree that said to once held all the vegetables and fruits in the world.

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7. The name Roraima is said to come from Yanomamö language which means “Green Mountain” obviously referring to the majestic Mountains of Roraima. The 2009 Pixar Animations Studio produced movie released by Walt Disney Pictures – Up also inspired Paradise Falls to Roraima.

To get to the Mount Roraima, here’s a complete guide that might help you from Mochilão a Dois and for more information about the lost world of Roraima: Head over to Wikipedia to learn more.

Facts About Mount Roraima - Travel Guide
Facts About Mount Roraima – Travel Guide | Photo Credits: Owner

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