6 Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos Island: Breathtaking Beach You Should Visit

     Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos – Whether you’re a regular globetrotter or a seasonal travel enthusiast looking for a great holiday spot for family or personal vacation. You’ve probably seen in social media or at least have an idea of what to expect once you visit in the country of Greece. From its picture perfect architectures, historical monuments, museums and temples, luxurious hotels and resorts. As well as sumptuous healthy and tasty cuisines, rich country’s history and most definitely its jaw-dropping scenic landscapes with perfect climatic conditions making Greece as top travel destination in the world.

     Few of those are found in the beautiful Greek Islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Crete, Kefalonia Rhodes, Paros, Naxos and Zackynthos. Now featuring the world-renowned seashore, get to know more about this tourist attraction as we’ve list down facts about Navagio Beach Zakynthos island. Let’s get into it!

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Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos Island Islands:

Zakynthos Navagio ShipWreck Beach - Travel Guide Facts

1.  Situated on the other side of the capital of the island, coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of the country. Navagio Beach is one of the most commercial and visited place in island and in the country in General for its turquoise blue waters, picture perfect cove, white cliffs and 360 degree view of the island visible at the top of the beach (cliff).

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2. Navagio has been listed in various huge travel and news website/magazines as one of the best beaches in the country and in the world. Namely TripAdvisor, The Times, Elite Daily, Lonely Planet, Telegraph UK, The Independent and much more.

3. Also known as Shipwreck (Navagio) Beach or Agios Georgios, the exposed cove is home to the wreck of a ship called MV Panagioties that is believed to be smugglers ship in October of 1980.

4. The shipwreck MV Panagiotis lying in the beach was said to be built-in Scotland in 1937 as Saint Bedan. Where it’s most accepted story is a watercraft suspected carrying contraband’s such as wines, cigarettes and women’s making its way from Turkey chased by the Greek Navy. For more information of the ship head over to: Wikipedia Resources

Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos Island - Breathtaking Beach You Should Visit
Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos Island – Breathtaking Beach You Should Visit | Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos

5. Navagio Beach in Zakynthos Greece is one of the most photographed beach in the country/world according to TripAdvisor.

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6. As per Adventurous Travel official website, if you wish to visit Navagio the only way to get there is by sea.  Just book your boat or cruise in travel agency/companies that offer trips to the famous beach in Greece like Xygia Sulfur Beach and Blue Caves. Best time to visit is in summer early morning to avoid flock of tourist. For more detail information to get to the island refer here: Navagio Beach by Zakynthosinsider.

Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos Greece - The Yolo Moments
Facts About Navagio Beach Zakynthos Greece – The Yolo Moments

Featured Image Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos

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