Fast Facts About Rakotzbrücke Bridge: Spectacular Picture-Perfect Structure

     Facts About Rakotzbrucke Bridge – Whether you’re a passionate photographer or a regular traveler who just enjoys the beauty of a new city or both. Everyone would probably agree that  when  it comes to looking for our next  travel destination spot, one of the most important thing we consider is how the place would look good on photos. That’s why every year various travel and lifestyle websites unveiled its most Instagrammable destinations in the hopes of attracting more visitors as well as  promoting the country’s tourism itself.

     If you’re like us who really considers the beauty and how photogenic the spot  like Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Navagio Shipwreck Beach in Greece, Balabac Island in Philippines and etc. Then you must  know this  spectacular place we’re about to feature with our facts about Rakotzbrucke Bridge. Let’s get into it!

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Fast Facts About Rakotzbrucke Bridge Includes: Spectacular Picture-Perfect Structure

Fast Facts About Rakotzbrücke Bridge - Spectacular Picture-Perfect Structure

1. The Rakotzbrücke bridge also known as the Devil’s bridge, is a 19th century  fairy tale-like structure in Kromlau, Kromlauer Park Germany that creates an enchanting circular optical illusion with its reflection onto the lake beneath.

2. Listed by National Geographic as one of the World’s Most Spectacular Bridges,” the Rakotzbrücke bridge was said to be commissioned in 1860 by knight of local town named Frederich Herrman Rötschke. Other best bridges by Nat Geo includes Umshiang, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.  As well as Heatherwick Studio’s Rolling Bridge, Q’eswachaka, Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge and more.

3. According to Wikipedia, The Devil Bridge term to call  Rakotzbrücke is applied to dozens of ancient bridges found in Europe specifically in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and more .

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Rakotzbrücke Bridge Facts - Travel Guide - Photo by Fabio Antenore
Rakotzbrücke Bridge Facts Travel Guide – Photo by Fabio Antenore

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4. In 2017, the Rakotzbrücke bridge was one of the most Instagrammable destination in the world by Hong Kong Tatler and The Telegraph  both British news magazine appreciating the beauty of the park.

5. These bridges are made of stone or masonry arch bridges representing technological achievement. Each of these devil’s bridges has said to have corresponding folktale and myth. One legend says that Rakotzbrücke was created by Satan as its’ hard to climb to the bridge.

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6. It’s now strictly prohibited  to cross and step foot on the bridge in order to preserve the ageing relic, but you can still visit the park and shot from afar. Best time to visit is during fall when the healthy green foliage  adds an element of wonder of the Rakotzbrücke bridge.

To get to the picture-perfect Rakotzbrücke bridge here’s how and more information from: Be My Travel Muse – How to See Rakotzbrücke

Facts About Rakotzbrucke Bridge - Devils Bridge Saxony Germany
Facts About Rakotzbrucke Bridge – Devils Bridge Saxony Germany | Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos

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