Facts About Tunnel of Love : Popular Photogenic Green Leafy Railway

   Facts About Tunnel of Love – The month of love is here and for people in romantic relationship, they probably have set-up and imagine having a date with their partner. In a fancy restaurant, appreciating the scenic city view and probably pop the question their partner has been waiting to hear.

   We’ll lucky and congrats to them as they will embark a new chapter in their life as  married person and soon having a family. But for people who don’t have special someone yet and patiently for partner in their dreams. They’ll probably be out there with their friends and family traveling the world, going somewhere, having a feast and just enjoying what life has to offer.

  Now if you’re one of those people who enjoy traveling, this doesn’t stop you going to a travel destination most tourist come to visit are couple. Get to know more about this spot as we’re about to unveiled facts about Tunnel of Love you surely didn’t know about. Lets get into it!

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Facts About Tunnel of Love Includes: Popular Photogenic Green Leafy Railway

Tunnel of Love Klevan Ukraine - Amos Chapple RFERL
Tunnel of Love Klevan Ukraine – Amos Chapple RFERL

1. Located near Klevan that links with Orzhivs, Ukraine – a large nation in Eastern Europe known for its forested mountains, orthodox churches, black sea coastlines, delicious food mainly varenyky some kind of dumplings and borsch a type of soup common in the country and across Russia.

2. Klevan’s Tunnel of Love is a beautiful natural picture perfect train tunnel surrounded by green arches and is about three to five kilometers in length.

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3.The fairy tale-like tunnel is just a section of industrial railway route which according to Wikipedia resources starts in Klevan station, on the Kovel-Rivne line and reaches the northern area of Orzhiv, also served by a station on the main line. The whole line is about an estimate of 6.5 km long.

4.The Klevan train passageway was just an ordinary tunnel before as over many years the passing train operated by Odek plywood factory molded the tunnel with tree lines today. Tunnel of love is great example of what happens when nature is allowed to grow freely around the man-made infrastructure.

Facts About Tunnel of Love - Popular Photogenic Green Leafy Railway
Facts About Tunnel of Love – Popular Photogenic Green Leafy Railway

Tunnel Of Love Klevan Accommodation Book Via: AGODA  | BOOKING.COM

5. As per source, RFE/RL’s journalist and photographer Amos Chapple discovered the tunnel when he visited and explored the site. He then shared his entire experience and discovery in a genuine story in the United states government-funded organization website – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty or Rferl.org.

6. The Tunnel of Love today is now a popular tourist destination and one of the most photographed places in the country. Visitors from around the globe travel to Ukraine just to see and be photographed with the tree tunnel. It was even featured in various news and online travel and lifestyle websites including The Amusing Planet, Business Insider, Lonely Planet and so much more.

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7. To complete get to know about Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love intriguing Cold war history, head over to Business Insiders website reports.

Tunnel of Love Facts Ukraine - The Yolo Moments
Tunnel of Love Facts Ukraine – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits:
Vadim Kydruk

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