Food Review: Unlimited Pizza at Rock ‘N Pizza

     Fasten your seat belt, pizza lovers! Cause we  have come probably the first unlimited pizza in Cebu no other than Rock ‘N Pizza. Enjoy!

     Before we start let’s get some information from this epic pizzeria in Cebu. Rock ‘N Pizza opened last June 12, 2015 owned and managed by Filipino-Canadian couple, Mr. Robert and  Jane Doucette.

     Inspired by there love for pizza, the couple come up with this brilliant idea to have this first unlimited Pizza in Cebu. Located in Nasipit Commercial Plaza in Talamban, Cebu City. Rock ‘N Pizza is definitely up for an epic and mind blowing pizza party. Also according to them it took 6 months just to complete there entire menu. Making this pizza parlor rock’s to another level!

Inside Rock N’ Pizza Establishment:

Food Review: Unlimited Pizza at Rock 'N Pizza - Interior


 As you have read from the name of this pizza parlor, they offer unlimited pizza which will  surely satisfy your cravings for pizza.  They offer two options for their pizza buffet:

Rock ‘N Pizza Buffet Menu:

1. The Lite Pizza – a pizza buffet for only P279.00 which will give you a 4 pizza choices: Rock ‘N Uno, Classic     Pepperoni, Rock ‘N Classic and Cheese Lovers.

2. Rock ‘N Pizza Buffet –  a pizza buffet for only P359.00 with bottomless Iced Tea and  13 pizza choices: Cheese Block, Zorba The Greek, Rock ‘N Chicken Alfredo, Rock ‘N Italian Sausage, The Bronx, Aloha Hawaiian, Rock ‘N Deluxe, Zesty Veggie,Pepperoni Planet, Rock ‘N Uno, Classic Pepperoni, Rock ‘N Classic and Cheese Lovers.

     There are four sizes of pizza you can choose 6″, 10″ 14″ and 18″.  See there official website for  more information.  In our case we had 379 buffet . We had 6″ pizza first for all flavors so that we will not getting instantly full.  Then  we tried next sizes of pizza with the flavors that we wanted.  Take note : “They have very strict clean plate policy including the crust.”  Left-overs will be charged equivalent to the amount of pizza left.


rock n pizza cebu

  Overall Review : In terms of the place its very clean, very cozy, creatively designed and air conditioned. Can accommodate probably 50 or more customers. The staffs are very accommodating and quite friendly. The pizzas are tasty and fresh from the oven. Since we tried not one, not two, not three, but THIRTEEN FLAVORS of pizza we surely have our favorites. Chicken Alfredo, Zesty Veggie, Zorba The Greek, and if you really love cheese then you will surely enjoy there Cheese Block and Cheese Lover.


     And since were already talking about recommendations here, our most important tip will be “Order Slowly and Make Sure No Left-Overs.” Why? Cause  we paid probably 3-5 pizza for not following their golden rule. When in fact we did not order those pizza or those pizza are given to us the second time. Other than that Rock ’N Pizza is definitely worth a second time.

—– Rate: 7/10 —–

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29 thoughts on “Food Review: Unlimited Pizza at Rock ‘N Pizza

  1. That’s a lot of pizzas and therefore, a lot of bread! I like pizza but could only finish three slices of Pizza Hut sized ones. I am also expecting to see guitars or drums that are made of pizza, haha!

  2. I remember eating eat-all-you-can pizza at a popular pizza place and there was no “no leftover” rules. My friend and I were able to finish an entire pizza by omitting the crust. Times have changed. Your experience was worth the price since you were able to try different pizza flavors.

  3. Wow, unli pizza. I could live here. Hahaha. Been seeing this over facebook. This will be the first place I’m going to as soon as I get the chance to go back to the city.

  4. Pizza isn’t my favourite, and unfortunately pizza is one thing my husband really would rather not eat. But you just had me craving for some right now!

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