Frontgate Review: Build Your Own Burger

      For burger fans out there, Frontgate is a perfect place of mouth-watering food, friendly staffs, great location and ambiance at very reasonable price. Check out our Frontgate review and make sure to visit their Baseline branch  now!

         Just last month we had an epic bottomless iced tea and unlimited pizza experience at Rock N’ Pizza. And now we visited Frongate to try there bestseller and  famous build-your-own-burger (5 toppings of your choices) recommended through reading reviews online. But before we continue this review  lets get some information first from this  restaurant.

Inside Frontgate Establishment:

Frontgate Review Restaurant

           Frontgate has been with this business for more than 10 years now. Only shows how a family-owned restaurant become successful and how there build-your-own-pizza became instantly hit among Cebuano’s and  even local and foreign tourist. Aside from their famous burgers like Ultimate Creation Burger (218 pesos) which is the build-your-own-burger , Killer burger (208 pesos), Heart Attack (218 pesos), Bacon Mushroom Melt (140 pesos) they also have there own pizza, bacon, fries, pasta, sandwich, rice, chicken, side-dish, soup, milk shakes, desserts and etc.



      You can also have additional patty for only 40 pesos.  Additional topping is also available  like bacon, cream cheese, pickles, melted cheese, caramelized onions, shatta sauce, chili con, sauteed vegetable, fried egg, fries and etc.

Dining at Frontaget Baseline

Overall Frontgate review:

      In terms with the food we ordered, we all unanimously agreed that’s its all great. Our favorites would be there Killer burger, Beef Quesedilla, Bacon Mushroom Melt and there epic buffalo wings. To continue, the staffs are very friendly. The location and the ambiance is  great but we noticed the parking lot is quite small. We can already imagine that it will be filled really quick during prime time. Also with had a hard time with there menu list cause its difficult to imagine without a picture of how the dish looks like. (You already know what we mean. ) At least insert a small photo in the  list for their first timer and foreign customers . Other than that Frontgate is not a place for healthy people. But if you have a cheat day and you don’t mind calories and cholesterol like us, then this is the place to be. Go ahead and check out this epic restaurant now!

     Frontgate  is located in Baseline Residences Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City. Right in-front of Boosog restaurant. Open from 11am to 2am from Monday to Saturday and Sundays 11am to 12pm. For more information visit there Official Facebook Page.

—– Rate: 8/10 —–

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post .  But lets just assured that the opinions expressed here are written by the author’s 100% honesty.

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22 thoughts on “Frontgate Review: Build Your Own Burger

  1. Wow Yummy! I try also to make my own burger in The Burger Lab in MOA, though the price is high it doesn’t matter because its 100% pure Beef. I will try this soon in my Cebu Trip.

  2. Oh my! I love burgers and pizzas A LOT! From the price that you listed, I agree that it’s very affordable yet they didn’t compromise the servings and the taste! How I wish I could go to Cebu just to eat there. 🙁 Now I’m craving for their burgers.

  3. I’ve never been in Cebu, but once I got there I’ll pay a visit in this one of a kind Burger Restaurant. I can already see that their burgers are tasty, falvorful and mouthwatering base on your review. Nice write up bro!

  4. Based on personal preference, this is not for me. As per your disclaimer, not for the healthy eaters – and I’d like to think that I’m health conscious! HAHAHAHA. But hey, I’m sure most people will find this appetizing.. (^_^)

  5. So far we’ve tried one place like this – The Burger Project – and it’s a hit and miss. It takes a few tries to perfect the yummy combination of ingredients. Hehe.

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