Health: Vaping Advantages and Disadvantages

      Vaping advantages and disadvantages – E-cigarette is becoming popular these days. Only shows that people are getting into it as they are becoming easily available anywhere. But before this new high-tech product  to become more popular  let us discuss first vaping advantages and disadvantages. Lets get into it!

Vaping Advantages and Disadvantages includes:

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     Pros: Vape has been the healthier alternative for most smokers in the world. They say it’s less in nicotine,  more eco-friendly and lastly smokers are having more freedom in vaping cause most countries are still not having vaping laws. No unpleasant smell, no cigarette butts in streets and no second-hand smoke which is more favorable especially in public place like hotels and hostels, fast food chains, malls, public markets, public highway and etc.

       Vape also has a lot of flavours to choose from making it more popular to smokers, non-smokers and even minors. Vape liquids  contains four main ingredients. First is the nicotine which is the same ingredient used in cigarettes the only difference in this is just it’s in liquid form. Second is propylene glycol, which is commonly used in hair product but used in vape as common food additive. Next is vegetable glycerin, a thick liquid that comes from the vegetable like corn sweet oil.  And lastly is the flavoring.

       Vaping is also safer  cause you have the choice if you want a with nicotine  or non. In addition vaping also doesn’t stain teeth and fingers of the smoker  and doesn’t produce smell that cause odor to clothes.

     Cons: Though e-cigarette is still constantly debated if safe or not. Vape has been name as “get-away drug” according to Web-md causing minors and non-smoker trying  this new high-tech product. Some experts are also afraid for rise of vape advertisement using local and international celebrities causing the rise of popularity of smoking.

         Some users of vape are reported to be allergic of its main ingredient propylene glycol. Some  reported to have throat problems because of using this product.

          Vape also doesn’t have specific government regulations so therefore there’s no quality standard for e-cigarettes and it’s hard to tell whether its safe or not.

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Health: Vaping Advantages and Disadvantages | Photo Credits: OWner

        So to end this discussion of vaping advantages and disadvantages a quick reminder is given to us  to ensure safety for everyone.  If you don’t smoke then don’t make vape as your trial version. Cause vaping has no health benefits at the same time it doesn’t make anyone look cool. Second, If your planning to quit smoking and you find vape as your solution then you might think it wrong. Better consult your doctor first for possible risk and effect of your health. As we all know quitting and avoiding smoking is tough. It requires a strong will and  discipline to oneself to achieve the dream healthy lifestyle that everyone wanted.

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What do you think of our vaping advantages and disadvantages? Make sure to put your comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Health: Vaping Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. Oh but for me it’s still a cigarette and has a chemical that would affect to our lungs. Why people sometimes weird even they already know that smoking is dangerous o their health but they are still using it.

  2. Since it’s commonly used, the government should have regulations for it. I still would never consider vaping or smoking, but hey, it’s good to learn these things.

  3. I read a post about what had happened to a man who vape. He got much worst that smoking cigarette. SO I agree with you, vaping isn’t cool so don’t try it and should never be an alternative to smoking. Great post!

  4. I bought my boyfriend a vape once, but he failed to stop using cigarette.. I hope one day he will stop or use vape than to smoke a cigarette..

  5. Thank you for sharing about the pros and cons of vape. I have mixed feeling about the product, as I never seen one in person, but I heard that there’s a store cater only for vapes and offer different flavors.

  6. I’ve tried smoking when I was young, I think I’ve tried 3 sticks on 3 different attempts. I didn’t like it! lol! And I don’t think this vape is safe to use.

  7. My dad is a chain smoker and my hubby is a smoker they both tried this one, but they don’t succeed ayaw nila taste or maybe ayaw lang talaga nila

  8. The best way to quit smoking really is to just stop. Vaping will also have a pro and con but in the end you will be dependent on it.

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