How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again

     How Not to Get Lost While Traveling  – One of the biggest fears of a traveler is getting lost in an unknown place. Even the best ones go through it at least once in their lifetime.

      To avoid that, here are some tried and tested tip for you so, you don’t get lost while traveling.

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How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again Includes:

How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again - Travel Guide

1. Plan Ahead:

     Take this as an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for traveling. Whether your destination is near or far when you plan ahead, you save a lot of time and have a more enjoyable traveling experience. The best thing to do is to know as much about the place as you can. Read, research and gain as much information you can about the place you are going to so that you are somewhat familiar with the places. Do some homework beforehand about the place so that you can remember some place names, landmarks along with train stations and visitor attractions. This way, the chances of you getting lost are greatly reduced.

2. Bring a map with you

     Hotels or other accommodations always have free maps. But in case they don’t, it is better that you bring your own map with you. Circle the hotel where you are staying at along with the most important spots in the city. These circled points will be of great help to know exactly where you are in the case you lose your way. While you could use digital maps and location tracking apps, bringing an actual map means you won’t have to worry about your phone or other GPS tracking device dying out in the middle of nowhere. A paper map is one of the most useful tools while traveling!

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3. Recognize and remember the landmarks

     Make use of your memory. Pay attention to the things that catch your eye when you are out in someplace new. Make a point to remember these places. Use your memory, make notes in a diary and if you have enough battery left, take some pictures of where you have left your car along with few landmarks which can help you in finding your way back.

How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again - Take Help From Nature
How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again – Take Help From Nature | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos – @jackofallstreets

4. Take help from Nature

     Read nature. In case you are dubious about your way back, take help from the North Star if the night sky is clear. North Star is quite helpful in giving you a sense of the direction you are heading in. When you arrive at a spot, check your position using the North Star so that you can know which path to take to head back. Here is how you can check it. If it is daylight, then use a stick and push it in the ground. Mark the end of its shadow and after a while, you will see that shadow move. Note the direction of the shadow. It will be east to west. This way you can know which way to go if you are in the middle of nowhere.

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5. Use Technology

     Many people who travel for leisure wants a carefree time without constant interruption. There are families who want to go tech-free and insist on not using gadgets and phones, etc. But using a phone while traveling is very important. It can actually turn out to be your life savior.

     There are some really smart location tracking apps out there. One of them is Xnspy location tracking app. In case you are traveling in a group and split into twos or threes, and one of the groups loses their way, using this app could come in handy. At least one member of each of the groups should have Xnspy installed on their phones. With the help of a location tracking app, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost. It is quite helpful when you are traveling with teens and if they want to do a bit of exploring on their own. With Xnspy, you can know exactly where they are. What’s more, the app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again - Find The Biggest Road and Follow The Crowd
How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again – Find The Biggest Road and Follow The Crowd | Photo Credits: Pexels Free Stock Photos

6. Follow the Crowd

     You are in a new city and don’t really understand the language? Follow the people. When you do that, you will find yourself in the most popular parts of town. Using this technique, you will also get to know the way to the city’s bus terminal or train station. Also, places like these are well-equipped and have an information desk which has information in several languages.

7. Find the Biggest Road

     If you have lost your way, search for the biggest road. If you come across a road that is big and wide, it means it is for accommodating heavy traffic. The big roads normally are the main routes. Keep following the road. You will find yourself in the center of the town or, the various signboards along the way could assist you in gauging the right direction.

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8. Learn Few Basics of the Native Language

     Asking people for help is one of the easiest things you can do to find your way back. If you are going to an another unfamiliar city or country, make sure that you familiarize yourself with some of the basic phrases. Learn some simple phrases so that you can ask for help if you need. Along with that, learn enough so that you can understand the answer, too.

     But if you don’t want to jump on to the bandwagon of learning something new, there are apps such as such as iTranslate, TripLingo, Voice Translator Free, etc. that can translate for you in real-time. You can install one on your phone and save yourself from the trouble communication problems. The local people are your best bet to ask for help as they know the place very well. Sometimes, they not only guide you, tell shortcuts but, also suggest the best places to eat and see in town. You will definitely bump into some people and fellow travelers. You can use this opportunity to meet new people and ask for directions as well.

9.Practice Staying Calm:

     Some travelers panic when they get lost, some get anxious while some, just laugh it off. Getting lost is a normal thing but, for a person who has never lost his way, it can be quite stressful. So, it is important that you calm your nerves and concentrate on what you need to do. Take a deep breath and relax because when your mind is calm, only then you can think clearly.

     Remember, traveling is all fun, thrilling, and one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life but, getting lost is part of the fun, too. With the above tips in mind, you will become a better problem solver and an experienced traveler.

How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again - Travel Tips
How Not to Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again – Travel Tips | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos – @element5digital

Must Read: How Not To Get Lost While Traveling Ever Again

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