How To Maintain Better Health

      Maintain Better Health – Are you free from sickness? Are you a sociable person? Do you live in a community where its free from the hazards of the city? How about the land, water and traffic pollution? If yes, then you are probably physically and mentally healthy.

   Health is very important and we know that.  It is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absense of disease or infirmity and the ability to lead a social economically productive life according to WHO ( Word Health Organization. ) Our health basically depends on what we eat, on what we do and the environment we live in. But the question here is :

   What can we do individual and family to promote good health? And how to maintain better health in general? Let’s get started!

As individual and a member of a family we must practice these to maintain better health:

Maintain better health - The Greatest wealth is health.
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* Eating the right kind and enough food
* Having daily exercise or sports
* Observe good personal hygiene
* Drinking enough water for our body especially this summer
* Take vitamins
* Avoid vices such as : smoking , liquor and etc.
* Avoid taking illegal drugs
* Having enough rest to avoid stress ( Read Here: 5’rs For a Stress Free Life )
* Thinking positive to have a healthy mind
* Participate in any health activities in your community
* And also for the family we must introduce to the kids the right food for a healthy mind and body

    That’s only few activities that you must practice to achieve a healthy life  but now that we already know the duties and responsibilities as individuals and as a member of a family we must help promote, preserve and protect ourselves to maintain a better health. Always remember, your health is in your hand. It’s definitely a choice.  According to Mohandas  Gandhi : ” It  is the health that is the real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.” And lastly if you want your family including yourself to be healthy you must practice and teach them a good lifestyle. Its all about commitment, challenge and motivating ourselves to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle. Do you agree with  me?

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What do you thinks our tips to maintain better health? Make sure to put your comments below!

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12 thoughts on “How To Maintain Better Health

  1. Great tips! we always remind each other to drink plenty of water, especially the kids because they prefer liquids with color. We also try to walk together at least 3 times a week.

  2. I guess all goes down to the kind of lifestyle an individual lives. We need to see how we’re taking care of our bodies by the things that we do (or don’t do) and what we feed ourselves.

  3. Being fit is ok but being healthy is one tough challenge. Thanks for that info of yours!

  4. this was a great post! health is wealth were lucky there’s a lot of health supplements now to take charge of our health

  5. It is not yet late for everyone who are into bad health habits to go back to the right path.
    I strongly agree that health is wealth.

  6. There are time we cannot maintain a perfect healthy life. There are times we are cheating against our targets.
    I think having a balanced life in all aspect is the key to maintain better health.

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