How To Plan A Last-Minute Trip Abroad

    Plan a last-minute trip abroad – Suddenly deciding to go on a trip abroad is exciting. Everything needs to be completed at breakneck speed. You almost have no time to think. However, travel junkies will advise you that some planning is necessary. If you don’t, you might end up counting the days until it ends!

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Here Are Some Tips For Getting the Most From Your Last-minute Trip Abroad:

Plan A Last-Minute Trip Abroad Tips - Travel Guide
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Decide what you want

Whilst options might be more limited the later that you leave your decision, it doesn’t mean that you are without choice. The first thing is to decide for yourself, and whoever you travel with, what types of destinations interest you. If you’re quite flexible about destinations then consider locations: there is a difference.

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Location and destination choices

If a holiday in a bustling city fills you with horror, then perhaps Bangkok is not your destination even if Thailand is a location of interest. Likewise, some last-minute deals are there because of their lack of general suitability.

The stunning Spanish destination of Seville is a joy to visit, but with summer temperatures hitting the mid-40s daily, it’s easy to see why bargains are to be had. If you can stand the heat or love a nocturnal lifestyle, then you might end up in a lavish hotel for very little cost. However, the location of Spain has many great deals even in the height of summer and on the coast. And, as travel writer Ben Groundwater points out, if you book in advance you’ll be able to skip the queues and avoid the crowds.

The trick is to do your research. Your holiday is not in the hands of the gods, it’s firmly in yours!

Don’t cut corners!

Just because you’re booking last minute, you shouldn’t forgo certain necessities. If your holiday is a package, is it covered by insurances and guarantees? Likewise, are you? Make sure that you have proper holiday insurance. If you are a natural, spontaneous last-minute tripper, consider annual insurance.

How To Plan A Last-Minute Trip Abroad - Travel Tip Guide
How To Plan A Last-Minute Trip Abroad – Travel Tip Guide | Photo Credits: Unsplash Stock Photos – jeshoots-com-264599

Check it out

Consider carefully your potential destinations and their requirements. Have you left enough time for any recommended inoculations? Never travel without them or enough medical cover. Does your chosen location need a Visa? If you’ve picked Turkey, it’s great as visas are issued for a small fee (and a long queue) at the airport or online far faster and cheaper. You really don’t want your last minute trip ending at a foreign airport.

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Be direct

You’ve found a superb holiday deal through an agency either online or in person. You’re ready to hand over your hard earned budget of cash. Stop!

The hotel has rooms available. Why? Do an online search of reviews but do read them. Many hotels with middling scores are because reviewers have unreal expectations like complaining a city centre hotel has street noise: you don’t say!

Use your bargaining head. Call, email, message the hotel directly. What can they offer you if they don’t have to pay the agency fees? Obviously, you might have to arrange your own travel, so you need to do all the sums.

If you’re deciding between two packages with a travel agent, still try a direct contact. What would each offer to secure that room is filled? Maybe a room upgrade, a sea view, freebie drinks or a breakfast. Do not think because you’re last minute, you have to settle for less. Empty hotel rooms are worth nothing. That’s your bargaining tool.

How To Plan A Last-Minute Trip Abroad - The Yolo Moments
How To Plan A Last-Minute Trip Abroad – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos

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