How To Win and Keep Friends

   This post will give you tips on how to win and keep friends. As having a real and genuine friend is very rare these days. Enjoy!

  All of us is in need of friend. Agree or Disagree? Kids, teens, adults, and even the older age needs one. Though it’s intimidating and awkward in making new set of friends at first, but it’s definitely worth it when we find someone whom we can share our ups and downs in our life.

And we wouldn’t be the same person today without them. But for introvert  and for other people  who just  move from another neighborhood, new classmates, new workmates, new job, new environment it’s definitely hard to adjust and we would probably feel isolated. So I made this article to give tips and suggestions on how to win and make new friends and also how to expand our social life circle through socializing with others.

Here’s Our Tips on How To Win and Keep Friends:

Tip #1: Smile Always

      Smiling is contagious and we all know that. According to some studies from Harvard University and the University of California, San Diego that a person becomes happy, a friend living close by has a 25 percent higher chance of becoming happy themselves. So it means that when we smile we are not aware that someone is also happy by just seeing our smile. Cool right? So by just this studies we can assist that it is now easier to make friends with others by just showing our genuine smile.

Tip #2: Be a Good Listener

Always pay attention and show interest if someone is talking.   Whatever the person is talking always keep your attention to them and never state an opinion unless asked.

Tip #3: Practice Good Manners

    Good manners makes everyone comfortable. Being polite, respectful and other ways of showing good manners can help you in giving a good impression to your potential friend.

Tip #4: Avoid Criticizing

      If you don’t have a good thing to say, it is better not to say something. Especially if you just meet the person recently. Does it make sense?  But sometimes saying an honest and constructive opinions/comment can help you keep and gain new friends.

Tip #5: Join Activities

     I’ll give you one fact about this topic. That  a person who frequently make new set of friends are the person who goes out severally. I mean interacting with other people, connect with them and make friends with people who have the same interest and habits with you. Joining school activities, sport clubs, books clubs and even  volunteer from organization who helps and save humanity. Here’s more and new activities  from where you can probably find your ideal friend.  But If you can still not find one then I guess theirs something wrong with them. LOL. 🙂

Tip #6: Be Sincere

    Being sincere will make your potential friend feel good and ease. This means we must have faith, trust and believe in the goodness of a person. If you can’t make good communication and sincerity to the person things will probably won’t work out.

 Our Thoughts:

     It is important to socialize with other people. And In making and keeping new friends it is also important that we must based it on similarity of our both person in terms of taste, interest, sports and even point of views in life. If you like basketball, volleyball or any kind of sports then make friends who are in these kinds of activities. If you like arts, music, computer games then makes friends who will surely understand your hobbies and likes. In general, we will find our potential friend with people whom we have the same things in common.

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What do you think our our tips on how to win and keep friends? Make sure to put your comments below!

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13 thoughts on “How To Win and Keep Friends

  1. That’s some good advice right there. But you also forgot “be yourself” no friends are worth “winning” if they can’t accept you.

  2. Nice tips. But I believe you can find true friends by showing your true self. I am not a very sociable person and I have few friends but I consider them true friends. And that’s enough 🙂

  3. Nice one! What is also very important is keeping in touch: if you just made a new friend, cultivate the friendship, because like a plant without water the friendship will not last very long if you don’t cultivate it. That doesn’t mean calling each other on the phone every day – the amount is to be felt differently by each individual. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We don’t need a lot of friends, na yung tipong pagtalikod mo ay ayun tsismisan na.. Even we are trying to be sincere there are a lot out there na hindi sincere.. Kaya its better to have few friends that are true than marami na plastican lang. 🙂

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