Incredible Bora-Bora Photos You Should Check Out

    Incredible Bora-Bora Photos – Summer may already end particularly in the beautiful country of the Philippines. But for other nation where summer is just getting started like Europe and the Northern part of America. It’s probably such a big deal for them to have a summer vacation, anywhere peaceful and relaxing away from the loud and busy life in the city.

    Speaking of vacation we suggest you take a look of incredible Bora-Bora photos below. Who knows you might add this island in your long list of must visit places and maybe soon enough you will experience the precious beauty of Bora-Bora by yourself. Enjoy!

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5 Incredible Bora-Bora Photos You Should Check Out
Photo Credits: Pierre Lesage Flickr

     Listed as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world together with the Maldives. The secluded island of Bora-Bora also known as Pora-Pora is in the French Polynesian Group of island. where white and pristine beaches can be found, stunning lagoons like the Greece, Giola lagoon and a sanctuary where tons of different marine specifies can be found.

A Walk of Lifetime in Bora-Bora
A Walk of Lifetime in Bora-Bora

     From the beautiful islands of Moorea and Tahiti will be a one or less than an hour flight to Bora-Bora. The dramatic and romantic scenery, endless water activities, and great food is something you should expect. You can also choose to hike since there’s no public transportation on the island. And you will witness the panoramic view of the island, Tahitian pearls original art, handicrafts, perfumes and oil available only in their local shops.

Experience The Beauty Of Bora-Bora Tahiti
Experience The Beauty Of Bora-Bora Tahiti

    The 30 km2 island of Bora-Bora has a common practice for local and tourist women. If you put a flower on your left ear, it means you already have someone special or you’re already in a relationship. If you put a flower in your right ear, it means your single and you’re looking for someone. Then for estimated people in the living on the island is 8,800 as per August 2007 census. Less or probably half of the population of the island is below 20 years.

Overwater Bungalow - St. Regis Bora Bora
Overwater Bungalow – St. Regis Bora Bora

     Just like the breathtaking Maldives, the private islands of Bora-Bora is a perfect place for marriage proposal and couples in honeymoon. Though the island is not exclusively for romantic purposes only. Bora-Bora is also a perfect summer destination for family bonding and even for a large group of friends.

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