Magnificent Things To Expect When Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines – Tips, Guide, Review and etc.

     Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines – Towns of Leyte are really beautiful on its own . It’s good thing to know that Biliran emerged on the lists of the most visited places here in Philippines and Kalanggaman island in Palompon is very promising as of now.

     Speaking of  Kalanggaman I’ve heard that the island was experiencing exploitation from tourists that populates the area. That’s the repercussion of being on a mainstream. Garbage was thrown anywhere and this irresponsible tourism will damage the captivating ambience of Kalanggaman soon.So since this island needs a breathing space and if you are looking for an alternative for a white sand beach. Privacy and sandbar, a quiet place and beautiful that is not as popular as Kalanggaman. Then, its time to give way for Cuatros Islas. These are one of those underrated islands in Leyte that needs publicity.So move over Kalanggaman for now, and welcome Cuatros Islas!

Magnificent Things To Expect When Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines – Tips, Guide, Review and etc.
Magnificent Things To Expect When Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines – Tips, Guide, Review and etc.

     We’ve visited these islands of Inopacan last 2011 and the last time I’ve goggled this, there were still few people knew that these islands exist. After a year of visiting this place, I’ve researched and found out that an international organization visited the islands of Inopacan and spearheaded a project that will take care of its marine life. Good thing, the latter will help on maintaining the beauty and tranquility on these islands as well as the marine’s biodiversity. To continue I give you tips, a little guide and  things to expect when visiting Cuatros Island Leyte Philippines. Enjoy!

Magnificent Things To Expect When Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines Includes:

Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte - Mahaba Island
Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte – Mahaba Island


     The third Island on our tour. It was called such because of its shape. My attention was captured by this island and it’s very inviting. Rock formation and clear waters that made me want to stay and wanted to pitch a tent and camp. It’s not popular by then, but now they have made this also as a marine sanctuary. Unfortunately, since we arrived late in Inopacan, we only have few minutes to enjoy this island. I really wanted to get off the boat but it’s already noon and we’re already starving.

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     These islands are both residential  but still they maintain the cleanliness of the shore. Himokilan Island was the first residential island that we get into . What made this island unique from the others is there’s a grotto few meters away from its shore that adds beauty on the island. On the other hand, Apid island looks like more populated than the other. This is where we bought our water and some necessities going to Digyo. So I surmised that community was already established there compared to Himokilan . Fishing is the major livelihood on both of these island. So expect to see boats parked on the shore of Apid and Himokilan.

Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines - Digyo Island
Visiting Cuatros Islas Leyte Philippines – Digyo Island


     A private owned island and only a caretaker was living here. You can leisurely walk around this island within 30mins or less. It’s also  the smallest among Cuatros Islas. (It’s like Potipot in Zambales, if you are in Luzon area) . You may also want to walk barefooted since the sand isn’t as powdery as Boracay however it isn’t coarse too.

     It’s definitely mesmerizing and indeed a paradise to have a place that is not crowded like Boracay and Kalanggaman. The other islands of Cuatros Islas are all awesome. There were few people around that time so it was a haven for us to relax.I suggest to have an overnight stay in Digyo cause what we had was only a day tour. So I would say that I wasn’t able to explore much of these islands. But what we had by then was already enough for a stress free vacation.

     So if you are planning to visit Leyte or you are starting on listing your friends squadgoals next summer, I am recommending this to include on your itinerary. Inopacan is a town in Southern Leyte and 2 ½ drive from Tacloban Airport. From Inopacan baywalk, you may asked locals for a boat that will help you reach these islands. Don’t forget to haggle if you are in a group! Backpackers will definitely love visiting these islands as well.Moreover, Inopacan baywalk is another sight at night that will make you love the province more. From here, you will be able to see the islands on the horizon.

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