Mano del Desierto Facts: Weirdly Unique Large-Hand Sculpture In The Desert

     Mano del Desierto Facts – The earth where we’re living is a big place. So obviously its no surprise that every now and then new picture-perfect tourist spot has been discovered, old cities including become a tourist magnet. As well as new infrastructures/building is being developed to attract travelers from all over the globe and social media is huge factor of their popularity.

   But occasionally there are strange alien-looking places like Socotra Island in Yemen are being discovered and visited by thousands of globetrotter. Now if you’re one of few people who seeks for real adventure, you might want to know Mano del Desierto facts before you decide to visit the Hand of the desert in Chile. Enjoy!

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Mano del Desierto Facts Includes: Weirdly Unique Large-Hand Sculpture In The Desert

Mano del Desierto Facts - Weirdly Unique Large-Hand Sculpture In The Desert

1. Mano del Desierto is situated in one of the driest non-polar desert on Earth – Atacama Desert in Chile. About 75 km (46.6 miles) to the south-east of the town of Antofagasta on the Panamerican Highway. According to Wikipedia, the nearest point reference of the unique sculpture is the Ciudad Empresarial La Negra” (La Negra Business City).

2. Mano del Desierto was built-in the 1980’s and unveiled by the city to the public on March 1992. It was said to be financed by the local booster organization called Corporación Pro Antofagasta.

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3. (La) Mano Del Desierto or “The Hand of the Desert” is obviously a large artistic high five hand sculpture based of iron and concrete in the middle of the desert by a Chilean born in Santiago sculptor named Mario Irarrázabal.

4. The sculpture in the desert has over 11 meter and roughly 36 feet (taller than NFL goal post). Making this Mario’s works stands out from his other works. The enormous hand was constructed to fill the empty space of Atacama Desert at the intersection where few roads meet.

5. The hand rising from the ground motion which means to emphasize human vulnerability and helplessness is the result of Irarrázabal’s obsession. His other famous works includes: “Monument to the Drowned” or Man Emerging to Life in Parada 4 at Brave Beach Punta del Este, Uruguay. See more here for Mario Irarrázabal Biography and other works.

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6. Due to the remoteness of the area with no assigned people to watch over the sculpture day and night, the giant hand is frequent target to vandalism. Signage in Mano del Desierto don’t last long. That’s why twice a year volunteers of certain community organization in Antofagasta gathered to scrub away these vandals probably caused by tourist.

For more information about the picture perfect giant sculpture of Chile  and how to get there see CultureTrip tips and reminders. 

Mano del Desierto Facts - Hand Sculpture In Desert Chile Travel Guide
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