Marble Cave Facts: Chile’s Spectacular Natural Wonder You Need To Visit

     Marble Cave Facts – From the world’s towering and jaw-dropping architectural complex design skyscrapers, impressive iconic bridges, highways as well as museums, mosque, and pyramids humans have built. Our skills and expertise in architecture no matter how we study and work hard for it is nothing compared to Mother’s Natures creation. The beautiful picture-perfect landmarks, mountains, volcanoes, hills, waterfalls, caves, rock formations as well as the wonders of the underworld.

     If you want to explore or at least learn about our earth’s captivating masterpieces. Here we have gathered travel facts of the world’s beautiful and interesting places on earth and adding one of them is the famous natural void in the ground of Chile. Get to know more about this spot, as we’ve gathered Marble Cave Facts you probably didn’t know about. Let’s get into it!

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Marble Cave Facts Includes: Chile’s Spectacular Natural Wonder You Need To Visit

Facts Marble Cave Chile - The Yolo Moments
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1. Situated in Chile Chico, Aysen Region Chile on General Carrera Lake which is the fifth largest lake in South America. The famous magnificent natural void in the ground of the country are series of naturally sculptured caves formed in monoliths of marble.

2. Over 6,000 years of weather erosion and waves washing up the Marble Cave, the amazing natural geographical formation is born and its marble walls reflecting the turquoise waters of the lake creating a captivating glow makes a visit on the site a one-of-a-kind experience.

3. The original name of the lake is Chelenko and was said to be provided by the first settlers of the site.

Marble Cave Facts - Chile’s Spectacular Natural Wonder You Need To Visit
Marble Cave Facts – Chile’s Spectacular Natural Wonder You Need To Visit | Photo Credits: Owner


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4.  The lake itself where the cave can be found was said to be first reported in 188o’s by an Argentinian geographer named Carlos Moyano during an exploratory excursion in Patagonia. The General Carrera Lake which is the fourth largest fresh body of water in the nation has 1,850 square kilometers surface area with a maximum depth of 590 meters still remains as a destination by local fishermen for both trout and salmon.

5. The Marble Caves also known in Spanish as Cuevas de Mármol, Catedral de Mármol or the ‘Capilla de Mármol’ has three different structures: The Chapel, The Cave, and the water-filled caverns called the Marble Cathedral.

6.  The stunning and incredible Marble cave mineral formations made of calcium carbonate has been declared by Chile to be Nature’s Sanctuary through their National Monuments designation.

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7.  If you wish to witness the beauty of Chile’s Marble Cave, the best time to visit the site is around September to February where the ice melts feeding the lake and the enchanting turquoise water-color is clear. Also you’ll be travelling in a small boat due to smaller size of the passages of the cave.

Marble Cave Facts Chile - The Yolo Moments
Marble Cave Facts Chile – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: Owner

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