Pig Beach Bahamas Facts: Adorable Creature You Can Visit In The Island

  Pig Beach Bahamas Facts – Whether you’re are regular globetrotter or not, for every travel destination we’ve visited there’s surely a number or few things that reminds us of that place. It could be the memories of struggles and fun stuffs that we’ve experience, the people we’ve met along the trip, the sumptuous food. As well as the luxurious hotel and amenities they offer or most probably the beauty of the sight and the extinction of the place itself making us to come back anytime soon.

  A great example of these special and one of a kind site is the surfing capital of the Philippines – Siargao Island, the unspoiled Greek islands  and Navagio Shipwreck Beach of Greece, the famous blue lagoon and black sand beach in Iceland and so much more. Now adding to these stunning places you might want to visit and know more about can be found in the archipelago of Atlantic Ocean. Get to know more about this site as we’ve gathered Pig beach Bahamas facts you probably didn’t know about. Let’s get into it!

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Pig Beach Bahamas Facts: Adorable Creature You Can Visit In The Island Includes:

Pig Beach Big Major Cay Bahamas - How To Get There, Travel Guide and etc
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1. Situated in Big Major Cay, one of over 365 islands in the district of Exuma, Bahamas. Specifically about 50 miles northwest of George Town and about 82 miles southeast of Nassau. The pig island obviously named after its colony of adorable colony creature – feral pigs living in the island and in surrounding shallows.

2. According to Wikipedia, the Pig island is completely inhabited by humans and is only home to approximately 20 pigs and piglets but in nearby islands you can also get up close and personal to other island animals like iguanas and lizard, flamingo, parrots, woodpeckers. As well as nurse sharks, turtles, schooling fish, stingray and more if you’re into snorkeling and diving.

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3. If you’re curios of how the cute adorable pigs ends up in the island, well even for their neighbor island people the swimming pigs are filled with mystery. But there are local legend says that the pigs are dropped off from a hungry sailor of ship who about to cook them but never are returned them. Other legend suggest that the pigs are survivors of a shipwreck and managed to swim to the shore.  While other says that the pigs were added in the island intentionally to attract tourist in Bahamas.

4. According to Today Show Reports, A man named Wayde Nixon claims that he brought the first pigs to island in late 1990’s in hopes of starting a pig farm for sustainable food supply in case of the feared Y2K computer meltdown.

Pig Beach Bahamas Facts - Adorable Creature You Can Visit In The Island
Pig Beach Bahamas Facts – Adorable Creature You Can Visit In The Island


5. With its rising popularity tourist travel destination status – thanks to the wonders of social media that spreads like a wildfire in the internet. Several reports from news and media outlet disclose that number of pigs were found dead. While some blamed the irresponsible tourist – abandoning forest in favor of people throwing much food from other boats/ on the shore in the island. Government official blamed the sand ingestion after receiving pigs autopsy results.

6. Pig Beach is not just popular for its adorable creature swimming but as well the beauty of the island itself. Various online travel and news website like The Times, Travel + Leisure and MSN listed the Pig Beach as one of the best island in the world with the clearest water on the planet.

7. Now if you want to visit the Pig Islands and feed these cute pigs, see link here on how to get to Bahamas and few tips from AngieAway travel blog. Important note for the pigs: If you feed them limit snacks to small fruit/vegetables and feed them in the water not in the sand shore to avoid sand ingestion. Also a fresh water for them would be great as their supply on the island is limited.

Pig Beach Bahamas Facts - Travel Guide Facts
Pig Beach Bahamas Facts – Travel Guide Facts | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos: Jacob Owens

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