Playa Del Amor Facts: Unusual Hidden Beach You Should Totally Visit

     Playa Del Amor Facts – When you hear your friends/colleagues or someone in your family talking about having a vacation in “beach” you probably feel like going immediately. Imagining yourself swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, lying down on a white/yellow sand beach having a great tan, watching the perfect waves crashing the shore with your favorite drink in your hand and so much more.  

     But as years have gone by, people’s definition of “beaches” have slowly changed from the usual popular family friendly resorts. More and more people are getting interested to take a detour and visit unusual yet beautiful beach they’ve never been before like these one where about to feature. Now to get to know more about this amazing location, we’ve gathered Playa Del Amor facts you’ve probably didn’t know about. Let’s get into it!

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Playa Del Amor Facts Includes: Unusual Hidden Beach You Should Totally Visit

Hidden Beach, located on the Marieta Islands in Peurto Vallarta

1. Playa del Amor –  the hidden natural gem of the country is located in  Marietas Island (Islas Marietas National Park). Off the coast of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s western part mouth of Banderas Bay.

2. If you’re wondering of how the place and the huge whole started, it  is said to be not a result of any sort of natural phenomena like volcanic activity, sinkhole and etc.. But instead a human interference of deliberate bombings in early 1900’s.

3. Marieta group of Islands uninhabited status which is far and safe location from the mainland. Makes the place ideal for military testing by Mexican government. Weapons and artillery were launch in the island  and that probably caused the  rock formations and random holes In Marieta Island including the Hidden Beach today.

4. Playa del Amor which means “beach of love”  is a beach engulfed by a cave in a lush green island with a large opening allowing the sunlight in. It is more commonly known as Hidden Beach as its completely invisible on the outside and only accessible by a long water tunnel that links to the beach.

5. As per Wikipedia resources, in year 1960’s  a scientist named Jacques Cousteau led a protest against harmful human activity on the islands. And only in 2005 the islands were finally proclaimed as a  national Park –  Parque Nacional Islas Marietas.

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6. From then military testing has been stopped and only island tours, swimming, kayaking and other water related recreation activity is allowed. Allowing the national park heal and replenish the natural land and marine life..

7. As per Atlas Obscura official website, the islands remain uninhabited today. If you wish to visit  Playa del Amor and other  tropical diverse islands of Marieta, there are just number of travel tour companies offering a trip to Hidden Beach. But a reservation in advance is adviced so better keep that noted.

Playa Del Amor Facts - Hidden Beach Mexico Marieta Island Facts - The Yolo Moments
Playa Del Amor Facts – Hidden Beach Mexico Marieta Island Facts – The Yolo Moments

Featured Image Photo Credits: Marietas-islands Official Website

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