Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts: Astonishing Must See Black Sand Shore

     Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts – For sea-loving people who enjoyed themselves, feels relaxed and genuinely happy seeing the clear waters and smell the warm ocean breeze.  Beach lover person knows that there’s no better place to watch sunset/sunrise than beach.  But for adventure seeker people like us, who risk to take a detour to explore those beyond the ordinary. There’s no better feeling discovering breathtaking and quirky places that should been seen and appreciated by  people around the globe. Just like this world famous black beach we’ve found in the internet.

 Intrigued yet? Read on if you want to get to know more about this picture-perfect and  astonishing location. As we’ve gathered Reynisfjara beach Iceland facts you might not know. Let’s get into it!

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Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts Includes:

Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts - Astonishing Must See Black Sand Shore

1. Situated on the southern coast of the country about 180 km from country’s capital – Reykjavik, beside the fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal (Vik). Reynisfjara is an unusual beach in Iceland famous for its black color sand even named by various news and travel website online as one of the most unique and gorgeous beaches in the world.

2. Reynisfjara is near a large falling asleep volcano currently under ice. That the widespread black sand is composed of volcanic minerals and lava’s about half percent are pebbles and stones when the volcano was still active.

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3. Now the black sand in the Reynisfjara beach was created by lava flowing across the ocean, turns black as it cools and hardens then suddenly broke apart.

4. Reynisfjara the name of the beach as well as surrounding landmarks (Reynisfjall and Reynisdrangar)was said to be named after Reynir, a rich Norwegian first settler of the area. Reynisfjara which means “Reynir’s Beach”, Reynisfjallwhich means “Reynir’s Mountain” and Reynisdrangar which means “Reynir’s Pillars.”

Reynisdrangar - Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach Iceland
Reynisdrangar – Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach Iceland  Photo Credits: Samuel Feron

5. Reynisfjara is not just known for its black sand beach. But right at the entrance you could already see its work of mother nature outstanding columnar basalt rock formations “Reynisdrangar” – result of basaltic lava that cooled. And from the distance of the site you could witness the spectacular view of Dyrholaey peninsula.

6. The dark, gloomy almost creepy area of Reynjisfjara is rich in bird-life. That during summer there are hundreds of them including guillemots, fulmars and puffins flying near the spot, some are nesting at the top of the mountain and basalt columns.

7. If you wish to visit Reynisfjara Beach, here’s few ways to get to the site from Moovit : Directions to get to Reynisfjara Beach. Few important things, when you’re already at beach make sure to follow signs and your guide for your own safety as waves and current are strong.

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Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts - Black Sand Travel
Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts – Black Sand Travel   |  Photo Credits: Pixabay Free Stock Photos

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