5 Essentials Of Safe Travel In Europe

    Safe Travel Essentials in Europe – There truly is something for everyone in Europe; you could find yourself on the artistic streets of France, or you could even lounge on the beautiful beaches of Turkey. Your European holiday is guaranteed to be amazing but there are some safety precautions that you should consider before jetting off and travelling around the continent.

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5 Essentials of Safe Travel in Europe Includes:

Essentials Of Safe Travel In Europe - The Yolo Moments

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Insurance

     Travelling in Europe is a bucket list opportunity for many and, while it’s an exciting opportunity, many young people rush into their travels without considering their safety. In 2017, its estimated that two in five millennials travelled abroad without insurance. This can end up being costly if the worst should occur – if you found yourself injured in Germany, for example, it can end up costing more than £4,294 per day without insurance.

2. Check If You Need Vaccinations

     You might think that you only need vaccinations if you’re visiting Asian or African countries like Thailand or Zimbabwe, but this is far from the truth. Check which travel vaccinations you need with your local health practitioner well before you set off. It’s likely that you’ve already received the MMR vaccination when you were a baby, but it’s worth double-checking before you leave as there have been numerous measles outbreaks across Europe. Tetanus and diphtheria are also on the rise as more people emigrate into Europe, so make sure you’re up to date with these vaccinations before your epic European adventure.

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3. Keep An Eye On Your Valuables

Safe Travel Essentials in Europe - Keep An Eye On Your Valuables
Safe Travel Essentials in Europe – Keep An Eye On Your Valuables | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos: @scottwebb

     No matter where you go, there will always be pickpockets and opportunist thieves looking to part you from your valuables. Before you set off, don’t bring anything on your travels that you couldn’t bear to lose. There’s a time and place to wear your expensive jewelry, but a holiday in Europe isn’t it. As you’re exploring your holiday destination, make sure you keep any valuables you do have on your person at all times. Invest in a special belt that you can strap to your waist and keep your money in.

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4. Be Wary of Scams

Safe Travel Essentials in Europe - Be wary of scams
Safe Travel Essentials in Europe – Be wary of scams  | Photo Credits: Unsplash Free Stock Photos – @pampouks

     Some people will take advantage of the fact that you’re a tourist who is unfamiliar with the customs of the country, so stay on your toes and don’t fall prey to any scams. If you have to get any money out from an ATM, make sure you’ve covered your PIN to avoid potential credit card fraud. In some parts of Eastern Europe, some people will pretend to be charities and government officials in order to scam you out of your money. If you’re uncertain, ask them for some identification.

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5. Have A Plan Of Action To Avoid Getting lost

     If you’re travelling with family or a large group of friends, you should make a back-up plan which you can all follow to avoid getting lost. Come up with a partner system to ensure that nobody goes anywhere alone. If you’re in a busy environment, consider walking in single file while holding the shoulder of the person in front of you; it’s easier to weave through crowds this way and no-one will get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Safe Travel Essentials in Europe - Travel Tips
Safe Travel Essentials in Europe – Travel Tips | Photo Credits:  Unsplash Free Stock Photos – @stilclassics

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