10 Strangely Beautiful Travel Destination You Should Definitely Check Out

     Strangely Beautiful Travel Destination – There are so many different places to visit in the world. Some of them feel like you’re so broke that you can’t afford to be at those luxurious islands, hotels, and resorts. Some of them feel like you need to plan your vacation right now with your friends, colleagues, family. While some of looking just at the picture you found on the internet and social media feel you weird but looking more and more photographs of it somehow a part of you want to be there as these destinations you can’t see else in the world.

     So we’ve come up with a list of world’s strangely beautiful travel destination you might want to consider for your future travel only if you want to be different this time avoiding the crowds, the tourist magnet cities and experience a once-in-a-lifetime travel journey. Let’s get into it!

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Strangely Beautiful Travel Destination You Should Definitely Check Out Includes:

Australia's Pink Lake Hillier Fast Facts

10. Australia, Pink Lake Hillier

    – Situated in Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia with about 2000ft (600m) long and about 820 ft (250m) in width. It’s variant picture-perfect water-color pink is said to be Dunaliella Salina microalgae presence in the lake. According to the studies and series of experiments done by the Association of Bio-molecular Resource Facilities and Metagenomic Research Group (MRG). They found Dunaliella Salina and other species of archaebacteria: Dechloromonas Aromatica and Salinibacter ruber.

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5 Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts

9. Zambia, Victoria Falls Devils Pool

    – The exhilarating natural pool is at the edge of Victoria Falls known as “The Smoke that Thunders” and is on the list of seven natural wonders of the world with the width of around 1708m and length of around 108m. The falls discharge more than 250 million liters of water every minute causing the deafening sound and the misty view of the falls which can also be seen in 15-20 km away.

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Strangely Beautiful Travel Destination You Should Definitely Check Out - Socotra Island

8. Yemen, Socotra Island

     – Socotra Island is a paradise to birds as it has around 100+ different species and most of them are ones found in the island including a sun bird, bunting birds, sparrow, Socotra warbler and etc. Socotra is also one of UNESCO world heritage site with the most alien looking place on Earth some people who visited the island said it might be the original Garden of Eden from Bible.

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Belize Great Blue Hole Facts - The Yolo Moments.jpg

7. Belize, Great Blue Hole

    – The Great Blue Hole in Belize is a giant submarine sinkhole that has estimated 305 meters wide and estimated 400 feet deep. The massive hole is part of Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System with over 500 rare forms of plants and marine life.

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Caño Cristales Facts - Get To Know About The River With Five Colors

6. Colombia, Caño Cristales River

     – Caño Cristales lies approximately 350 kilometers Southeast of Bogota, Serrania de la Macarena National Park on the borders of three large ecosystem namely Eastern Llanos, Andes and Amazon rainforest. The river has estimated 100 kilometers long and not less than 20 meters wide which is also home to more than 400+ species of birds, 40+ species of reptiles and so much more.

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Top 6 Interesting New Mexico Bottomless Lake Facts - Photo Credits New Mexico Tourist Department

5. New Mexico, Bottomless Lake

    – The New Mexico’s Bottomless Lakes State Park is composed of nine lakes that are surrounded with cliffs. The largest one is the Lazy Lagoon with a surface area of around 26.1acres or 11 hectares and Devil’s Inkwell is considered as the smallest with around 0.36 acres or 0.15 hectares.

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Mano del Desierto Facts - Hand Sculpture In Desert Chile Travel Guide

4. Chile, Mano Del Desierto

  – Built-in the 1980’s and unveiled by the city to the public on March 1992. It was said to be financed by the local booster organization called Corporación Pro Antofagasta. Mano del Desierto is situated in one of the driest non-polar desert on Earth – the Atacama Desert in Chile. About 75 km (46.6 miles) to the south-east of the town of Antofagasta on the Panamerican Highway.

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Grand Prismatic Spring Facts - Midway Geyser, Yellowstone National Park

3. United States Teton County Wyoming, Grand Prismatic Spring

     – The neon-colored world-famous Grand Prismatic spring is situated in Midway Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park Teton County, Wyoming United States. It was first discovered according to British online newspapers – Independent UK in 1871 by geologists working in the Hayden Geological Survey.

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Reynisfjara Beach Iceland Facts - Black Sand Travel

2. Iceland, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

     – Reynisfjara is near a large falling asleep volcano currently under ice situated on the southern coast of the country about 180 km from country’s capital – Reykjavik, beside the fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal (Vik). Reynisfjara is an unusual beach in Iceland famous for its black color sand.

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Facts About Mount Roraima - Fascinating Lost World Island In The Sky

1. Venezuela Canaima National Park, Mount Roraima

     – As per Wikipedia, Mount Roraima is in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park and the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus – tabletop in South America and in the world. Mount Roraima is about 9222ft (2810m) tall at its highest point, 9mi (14km) long, and about 1300 ft (400m) cliffs on each side of the plateau.

Strangely Beautiful Travel Destination You Should Definitely Check Out
Strangely Beautiful Travel Destination You Should Definitely Check Out | The Yolo Moments

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