Stunning Photos of Giola Lagoon, Greece

     Giola Lagoon, Greece –  has become one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. For its amazing architectures, unique cultures, stunning beaches, exciting nightlife and probably there picturesque landscape that will sure take your breath away.

     Though there are too many reasons to fall in love with Greece. We have found an amazing natural pool in Thassos that will surely tempt you to experience and dip in the crystal clear water of the lagoon. To continue here are  other stunning photos of the Giola lagoon, Greece.

Stunning Photos of Giola Lagoon, Greece Includes:

The Giola Lagoon, Greece - Most Natural Pool
Photo Credits: Owner

  Located in the near village of Astris which said to be the village of stars. A lot of beautiful places such as this natural pool in Thassos is yet to be discovered. In addition the beautiful Giola lagoon, Greece has been listed in several website natural pool on earth.

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The Stunning Natural Pool in Greece - The Giola
Photo Credits: Enikos

   The Giola natural pool in Thassos has the height of 8 meters from the start of the diving point and about 20×15 meters in size. This one of a kind lagoon is separated from the sea by a firm straight rock wall.  Also this lagoon looks exactly a swimming pool but  just naturally carved in rocks . Perfect for the overlooking view of the deep blue Aegean Sea.

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Natural Pool in Thassos, Greece - Photos by TheTravelMagazine

   To be able to reach this magnificent and secluded natural pool. A long and quite difficult trail awaits you. But if your more than willing to do all these trekking stuffs. Then all your efforts will surely be paid-off once you already arrive in the Giola lagoon, Greece.

Photo Credits: TheTravelMagazine

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  1. This place is so amazing!!! Have you been to this place? The water is so clear and the location is so unique… an additional highlight if ever you’ll go to Greece!

  2. This is why I want to travel to Greece! They have so many beautiful places and this lagoon is proof! I love it, it’s so beautiful!

  3. That place looks amazing! my first thougths was “Is that Neverland?!”… It’s amazng what we have on our planet, yet we most often don’t even realize it.

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