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     Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 – The early twenties are the time when you’ll probably make most long-term friendships. In addition, these years are dotted with many milestones – ordering beer legally, opportunities to find a real job, the first personally signed credit card, etc. It shouldn’t surprise then that countless books, films and poems are dedicated to mind-shaping effects of traveling young. As other tastes, your taste for travel evolves in these years. So, check out this flexible choice of four extraordinary destinations you must visit when young.

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Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 Includes:

Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 - Tel Aviv Israel Sunset in Beach
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Tel Aviv, Israel – vibrant international metropolis

    There’s hardly a better way to know another culture and region of the world without venturing far out of your comfort zone. Tanned bodies, mysterious accents, vast beaches, great nightlife and inexpensive lodging make it a perfect all-round destination for students. Explore the up-and-coming hipster neighbourhood of Jaffa Old City area, where tea lights crisscross the streets made of ancient desert stone, and grab a drink in one of the underground bars or show us those dance moves at the artsy Kuli Alma. What is more, the entire state of Israel is roughly the size of New Jersey, which makes it perfect for camping excursions as well, from luscious waterfalls in the mountainous north to outlandish desert landscapes of the south, perfect for stargazing.

Auckland, New Zealand – extreme sports capital

     Far from being the easiest or cheapest destination to reach, New Zealand is definitely an adrenaline junkie’s Xanadu. Whether it’s bungee jumping, skydiving or sea kayaking that you seek, New Zealand has it bigger and better. When visiting an ‘out and about’ country like this, it’s always better to travel light and not think much about fashion statements, which can be challenging, especially for girls. Apart from outdoorsy clothes, a pair or two of comfortable traveling women’s jeans should see you through for the better part of the trip. A perfect setting for wildlife hikes as well, as between Auckland and Queenstown, another hot spot for young travellers, there are plenty of breathtaking mountains, lush rainforests and tropical beaches. Hey, this is where they filmed the better part of the Lord of the Rings, so if it was good for the fair folk.

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New Orleans, USA – hub of music and art

Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 - New Orleans USA Mardi Gras
New Orleans USA Mardi Gras | Photo Credits: Pixabay Free Stock Photos

     Lapped by warm waters of the Gulf, this charming city regularly finds itself on every year’s to-do list. There was Mardi Gras in February, Jazz Fest in April and Tales of the Cocktail just now in July, but this year, you’re looking down to the city’s 300th anniversary with all its accompanied fun. In New Orleans, it’s never easy to choose between the favourite restaurants and bars like Herbsaint, Seaworthy, Bacchanal and classic Arnaud’s French 75, because in this city, if you’re not eating, you’re talking about where to eat next. And if you grow tired of festivals, there are the city’s sculpture gardens, galleries, and activist Brandan Odum’s must-see 35,000-square-foot portrait gallery warehouse Studio Be.

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Lisbon, Portugal – quintessential romantic getaway

Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 - Lisbon Portugal Harbor Porto
Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 – Lisbon Portugal Harbor Porto

     Imagine a best of charming European spots and what you see? Narrow streets of cobblestone, intricate architecture and authentic cuisine that has reached world fame but has never abandoned its true cultural roots. Perfect for young couples looking to get away from bustling party routes often advertised by grad trip agents, Lisbon lacks neither charm nor style, but renting a car and heading out of the town can reveal many hidden gems of the almost tourist-free north of the country, including beautiful national parks and breathtaking sunset vistas.

     Whether it’s a spirited backpacking tour, a shared mountain chalet or romantic memories of a secluded beach, travel memories tend to stick harder than other memories, and 20 years down the road, each of those experiences might bring something valuable to the table.

The Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 - Travel Guide
The Most Popular Student Spots Worldwide 2018 – Travel Destination

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