Top 4 Common Home Problems

     For home owners out there or  planning to buy brand new or older house, read first this post cause I will list down the  top 4 common home problems and probable solutions about them.

     Owning our own “house” doesn’t always give us good mood and vibes. Sometimes it’s the cause of our major problems especially if we couldn’t do something to solve this.

I’m talking about the common home problems. Now I will share to all you the most common home problems and what do about them. Enjoy!

 Top 4 Common Home Problems Includes:

#Top 4  – Roof Leaks

   – In the Philippines roof leaks is normal especially in rainy seasons. Though it’s a common home problems not only in the Philippines. Still most of us can’t find possible leaks and how to fix them. So in order to prevent roof leaks it is important that as soon as we noticed them, we must check and look for people who are knowledgeable in this kind of job.  We can also do DIY repairs if we really want to save money but working on top of the roof could be dangerous.

    Once small leak is set aside it could turn out in major problems. Like attic and ceiling damage, molds that can affect our family health, higher home utility expenses, family member falls or slipping and etc. To know more about the importance of home safety tips refer to my previous post: “3 Must Know Home Safety Tips

#Top 3  – Plumbing Problems

     –  I guess all of us already encountered some plumbing problems. Most common defects are leaking pipe and faucets, clogged sinks and toilets, hot water problems, replacing valves, and for countries with cold weather frozen pipes is probably there biggest problem.

Actually DIY repairs can help prevent plumbing problems  but only in occasional situation. It’s either you  will be successful in the repair or you could make the situation worse. To know more about plumbing problems and how to fix refer here : “Plumbing Maintenance Tips

#Top 2  – Structural Damage

   – For the top two most common home problems  is structural damage. It is  important that we know early signs of foundation problems and troubles.  Simply because once sooner we identify possible structural damage it is more easier to fix them and less money will be spend.

Here’s some  of My Basic Signs of Indoor Structural Problems:

  • Once we try to open or close our windows it won’t open or close properly.
  • Cracks on our walls, ceilings and concrete floors.
  • Crack chimney and over doorways.

#Top 1  – Home Electrical Problems

    –  And the number one most common home problem is electrical  wiring. Why? Because all modern homes today had electrical wiring problems. Simple outlets can cause fires. Our bulbs and Christmas lights can cause fires. And that means house fire can take away our dream house and possibly someone’s life in just a few minutes.


         Mostly overloaded outlets and extension chords, light problems and outdated electrical system are the common defects. Also I just have to mention that exposed electrical wires can cause damage especially if that said wire is open. Once open wires is noticed it must be conjoined properly using wire connectors or electrical tapes as soon as possible.  And If health and safety is priority it must done only by licensed electrician.

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What do you think of our common home problems? Make sure to put your comments below!

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15 thoughts on “Top 4 Common Home Problems

  1. Thank God we just fixed one problem recently – leaking roof. We had to replace our entire 20 year old roof.

    By the way, when I clicked on this post, another tab automatically opened and was going to download something, but I closed it immediately. I never noticed that before with your blog.

  2. I agree. Those are common problems at home. We have experienced that all and lucky that my husband can do it except the electrical thing, hehe.

  3. We had roof leaks before and the water seeped between the wall and the paint. Bubbles appeared on our bedroom wall. It’s a hassle and so unsightly! Maintaining a home, especially an old one, is hard work and costs a lot.

  4. We got all these home problems when we’re still living on the old decrepit house. It’s really an inconvenient.

  5. Among the home problems I always hate is roof leaking, though it is happening occasionally, especially when it is rainy season. The rook could be given much attention when it is not raining.

  6. Thanks for the reminders! We’ll have to hire an inspector prior to buying and keeping our fingers crossed all is well!

  7. Roof leaks is really common here especially during the rainy season. I could just imagine most houses placing tubs around the place to catch falling water. This is quite helpful in dealing with minor problems.

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