Top 5 Best Restaurants You Must Visit Before You Die

     Best Restaurants In The World – February is the month of love and the month of sharing happiness . A month of happiness to enjoy traveling . A month of love to go out on fancy restaurants with your partner , family or even with friends .  Although valentines day is done. It’s probably never to late for all travel enthusiast to travel around the globe .

     You better update your bucket list and check out this unique  and breathtaking best restaurants you must visit before you die. But before we start we just want to let everybody know that the following list  are  rank according to our imagination , for what we read from the people who visited the place  and from the photos we see. Enjoy !

Best Restaurants You Must Visit  Before You Die Includes:

Top 5: The Projet Vertigo , France


    –   The fifth  restaurant that you must visit before you die is “The Projet Vertigo“.  A restaurant  located  Megève, France. The place offers a great menu and  great view of Mont Blanc, either on clear or cloudy day. Its a perfect place for couples  and a perfect place for  gentlemen out there who are planning  for a marriage proposal with their fiancee. With no hesitation she will say “I do” right away . 😉

Top 4:  Ithaa Udersea, Maldives


Top 3 : The Skylon Tower , Canada

niagra Photo Credits : Fair Flight

    For the  top 3 restaurant that you must visit before you die is no other than “The Skylon Tower” .  It is located next to  Niagrara Falls , Ontraio Canada. The Skylon Tower  is a place for extraordinary people. I mean singles and couples  who likes something unique, something different and extreme.  At the top of 775 feet above the the Skylon tower,  you can experience different award winning cuisines and enjoy the 360 degrees view of the place. You can choose whether you want to enjoy the beauty  of the falls during day time or you prefer to be mesmerized by the illumination of the Niagra falls at  night.  The restaurant is open from 11.30 am till 11 pm. 😉

Top 2 : Ristorante Grotta Palazzese , Italy


Top 1 : The Unkai Terrace , Japan


      The top restaurant that you must visit before you die is ” The Unkai Terrace.” Its is located at Tomomu Resort  on the island of Hokaido , Japan . The restaurant  has been attracting tourists by its location at the top of the mountain peak and offers a breathtaking view with  fluffy white  clouds which makes this beautiful place looks like your in heaven. Until today, this place is still visted by many local and foreign tourist , with your hot cup of coffee and your partner above the white fluffy clouds  you will surely enjoy this place.  Definitely a place  that everyone should visit before we die. 😉

  #Bonus 1 : Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant , Philippines


  Of course we will would include a restaurant  in our country ( Philippines ) which we found very unique  and amazing. And its Villa Escudero’s Waterfalls Restaurant  in San Pablo, Laguna Philippines. What we love in this place is that its close to nature , simple yet very Filipino style. The hacienda is open for all local and tourist guest where you can enjoy your lunch with  Filipino cuisines  while the fresh clean water flows under your feet . Don’t worry about the waterfall  its  safe that it can actually give you a great massage and if  decide to get completely wet and you can just lie against its wall. ( Isn’t Amazing ? )

   Aside from the buffet you can also enjoy nature attractions  and activities like : bamboo rafting , Museums, Rural Village tour, Bird watching , Philippine folk dances show and etc.

See more at their website: Villa Escudero

      What do you think of our best restaurants in the world? Make sure to put your comment below!

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Restaurants You Must Visit Before You Die

  1. I had been travelled all over France , Italy , Canada, Japan ,and Philippines and now you give me a good motivation to visit villa escudero.i did not know there are some restaurant you need to visit before you die and now I prefer villa escudero and leave Maldives .i was in San Fernando last April 2 watching the passion of Jesus Christ and nailing on the year when I’m going back to Philippines I’m going to put on my bucket list to visit villa encodero and the pahiyas in Laguna .

  2. Those places are all so lovely. No wonder they are the top 5. I’d love to visit the one in Italy the most. It’s such a nice and relaxing place to dine in.

  3. Those are awesome restaurants to visit. But just like Vera said, mahirap puntahan but surely it will be worth it. Anyway, Villa Escudero is the nearest I can go, hehe.

  4. I think that Skylon Tower Canada is more likely to happen because its like 6 hours drive. All I need is US passport to cross the boarder. The places mentioned above are amazingly beautiful. Would love to visit all of them if I get a chance. Thanks for this post.:)

  5. Oh my, the aquarium and the one if Japan pleaseee!! ♥ I’ll be lucky if I get to visit at least one! I’ve been to the bonus so, I have one down! 5 to go.! haha.

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