Top 5 Must Try GoPro Outdoor Ideas

  Ever since GoPro was invented and release to the market it has been the standard quality among action photo/video cameras. So if your a one of these users make sure to check out these incredible GoPro outdoor ideas and make sure to maximize your success in capturing quality shots.

Here Are Some  Must Try GoPro Outdoor Ideas :

#5 Car Diving / Road Cycling

     – In making video using a GoPro several ways can be used in mounting like the most common: on the helmet.  Mounting it on our helmet would be very useful to maintain stable of video recording. Also it would be useful so we can have the full control of where we wanted to shoot. Next is on our Chest.  Where the camera is filming ahead of you. Ideal bumpier trails to reduce and decrease vibration. Also it is very important that in mounting the GoPro in our chest, as much as possible try to tighten those straps and make sure to avoid choking.

Musty Try GoPro Outdoor Ideas - Surfing
Photo Credits: Demilked
#4 Surfing / Wave boarding / Paddling

     – GoPro’s  main purpose is to capture real action outdoor moments like surfing. Though it can be used in indoor too, they can capture simple basic shots to breathtaking quality photo/video shots that will surely blow up your mind. But just a reminder, in dealing with waves you just have to be extra careful shooting yourself. Also make sure to tighten screws to avoid sudden movement, make sure to to have a proper lighting and most importantly play with different angles so you will surely capture great shot.

#3 Hot Air Balloon

     – To be on top of approximately 3,000 feat in the air feels amazing. But before going up with hot air balloon there are few reminders for us said Pennlive.  First is to make sure we had extra money cause ballooning is quite expensive. Second is to wear clothes appropriately. When we say appropriate, things must be considered like wearing sweater and gloves if it’s getting cold outside. Lastly, make sure to have at least basic camera. No where not talking about those DSLR camera with the best lenses. Ideal for hot air ballooning, is using the light weight GoPro.

Must Try GoPro Outdoor Ideas - Mountain Climbing
Photo Credits: Will Strathmann
#2 Mountain Climbing

     – For most professional trekkers and photographers in the world taking a quality photo in top of the mountain is such a great deal. But for those who are not, taking a quality photo still  must be observed. A quick reminder before climbing  is  given to us by DiamondCutLife. First is to make sure the safety of the mountain for trekkers. Second is to make sure to prepare ourselves physically and spiritually. Third is to have a safety gear and equipment’s. Lastly is to  rest, reflect, and embrace the beauty of the mountain specifically our mother nature.

#1 Skydiving

     – Are  you a professional runner/trekker? Try a skydiving.  Conquer your fears, strengthen your mind and get out of your comfort zone. This is the perfect chance to switch or at least try a new sport you’ve never experience. This extreme adventure could probably happen once in our life. So make sure to setup a GoPro and capture the greatest shot of your life.

What do you think of our GoPro outdoor ideas? Make sure to put your comments below.

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  1. I don’t have a goPro yet but I would definitely try at least one of these daredevil ideas haha.. the skydiving is really cool but I think i need to earn tons of courage to do it..

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