Top 5 North America Ski Resorts Destination 2017 You Should Visit

     North America Ski Resorts Destination 2017 – Earlier this week, there are reports from several huge new websites. Headlining France loses top spot for ski destination in the world. And now  turns out US is number 1 with growing number of local and foreign tourist. As posted in TheGuardian official website, the lack of snow in France affects small and middle-sized ski resorts dropping 3 percent of their usual visitors. But the drop is somewhat ok compared to the previous season with 6 percent last four years ago.

     Marie Tissier, spokeswoman from Domaines Skiables de France (DSF) stated that “The start of the season was very complicated because there was very little snow at low and medium altitudes, then the weather was changeable,” She then added “that the problem was basically the weather and that’s out of our hands.” Laurent Reynaud Head of DSF continued, “Despite of the numbers dropped, France remain in first place in Europe.”

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     In-line with this news, if you’re planning to visit United States this remaining months of 2016. We have gathered our picks of top 5 North America ski resorts destination 2017. Note: These places are our favorite that could hopefully be your favorite. So what are we waiting for? Mark your calendar and start planning to visit any of these popular ski destination. Enjoy!

Top 5 North America Ski Resorts Destination 2017 You Should Visit Includes:

1. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

     – Located 19km (12 miles) south part of Gran Teton Nation Park and northwest of Jackson. The ski resort in Teton Village is known in U.S for its vertical drop and precipitous terrain. According to 2015 article in Forbes, Jackson Hole is the best ski resort in America with one of the highest vertical drop around 4,400 feet.

North America Ski Resorts Destination 2016 You Should Visit - Whistler Blackcomb, Canada
North America Ski Resorts Destination 2017 You Should Visit – Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

2. Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

     – Located 121km (75 miles) north part of Vancouver, Canada. The ski resort is said to be of the largest ski resort in North America with estimated 8,171 acre land area. The Whistler Blackcomb has also one of the highest vertical skiable location and currently holding the title of world’s longest and highest unsupported cable car span.

3. Vail, Colorado

     – Started five decades ago according to Forbes, the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado  is a world class resort. Perfect for family vacation and for people who are looking for  exciting  outdoor activity. The Vail resort is also perfect for beginners  in skiing cause you’ll surely find a terrain that will suit your expertise. For advanced skiers looking for thrill:  the 3,450 ft vertical rise, more than 25 lifts, and peak elevation of estimate 11,500 ft will surely be one of the best things happen in your life.

North America Ski Resorts Destination 2016 You Should Visit - Squaw Valley Resort
North America Ski Resorts Destination 2017 You Should Visit – Squaw Valley Resort

4. Squaw Valley Resort – Olympic Valley, California

     – Voted as one of 2017 best ski resorts in North America according to USA Today Readers Choice. The Squaw valley resort in California is  the second largest ski destination in Lake Tahoe next to Heavenly Mountain Resort.  With estimated 3,600 acres, 200+ ski trails and  more than 30 lifts as per wiki information. In addition, the resort has hosted already hosted a Winter Olympics way back in 1960. Which means you will surely enjoy your vacation once you visit the vibrant ski culture in the resort.

5. Fraser Colorado

     – It’s probably one of few towns in North America that people haven’t heard in terms of ski resorts. According to the article in National Geographic, its one of best ski towns in America together with McCall, Idaho,  Philipsburg, Montana, Field, British Columbia, Los Alamos, New Mexico and etc.

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