Top 5 World’s Coolest and Best Job

     World’s Coolest and Best  Job – Have you ever have a job that you are not passionate enough? Have you ever have a job that instead it will help you to broaden your knowledge in gives you headache and stress everyday? And now, have you ever wanted to be one of those people living in their dream job?  Ofcouse you do. In fact  all of us wanted our dream job to exist whether its impossible to happen.

     Better check our top 5 world’s coolest and best job and who knows you might feel motivated to be pursue this dream career. Enjoy!

Top 5 World’s Coolest and Best Job Includes:

#5 Movie Reviewer / Critic

     – Are you that kind of person who are more into details and editing of the movie more than just story itself ? Vice Versa? Then this career-path would be the best for you. Get paid for every movie you are reviewing, exclusive movie passes and probably you will get a chance to interview local and international celebrities from attending television and movie awards. But to be one of those respected critic you’ll need some education in movie-making, film history and most importantly you have watched tons of movies. How cool is that?

Coolest and Best Job - Google Mapper
Coolest and Best Job – Google Mapper
#4 Mapper for Google Earth

     – Have you ever tried using Google map and earth  before? If yes, have you ever wondered who is responsible for those images ? Well that could be you. According to Simply Hired, you will be working with Google and receive a salary of $56,000. You will be riding a 250lb tricycle with a digital camera attached at your back to take shots that are not accessible to cars.

#3 Food / Beverage and Product Tester

     – Yes your dream job really exist. Be one of those people who are earning more being a chocolate tester, candy tester, beer tester, luxury bed tester and even condom tester. First, you’ll just have to enjoy with abundance of the product, do review as well as testing and researching for competitors product.

         To be a food critic tons of freebies are on this dream career. You can eat free at  fancy and expensive restaurant,  exclusive accommodation, and often you’d be the first person to try there new dishes. But like any other job there are also downside of this career-path. It’s either people will hate you for your review or restaurant owners will love you. You just have to be honest and state constructive  criticisms towards every single places you eat.

Coolest and Best Job - Video Game and Gadget Tester
Photo Credits: Business Insider
#2 Gadget and Video Gamer Tester/ Reviewer

      – Now who wouldn’t want this job? Being the first person to have the latest gadgets and technologies before they hit in the market. Being the first person who would try latest release video games. And best is you’ll get paid for it.  Gadget reviewers and gamers are paid to do reviews as well as testing and ensuring the video game are glitches-free and most especially if it would provide an enjoyable experience to the users itself. Best job ever!

#1 Traveler / Hotel Reviewer

       – You already have a clue what number 1 world’s coolest and best job. Be a Professional Traveler / Hotel Reviewer. Get paid for every travel you’ll make or company / brand  will asking you to travel to do write ups and report with them after. You will even get paid for every expensive and best hotels you’ll review. These lucky person who have this jobs are mostly bloggers with a lot of social media platforms  earning as much as $30,000   health insurance and all paid expense trip.

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What do you think of our world’s coolest and best job? Make sure to put your comments below!

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  1. I would go for #1 and #3 I think those two combine is the best job ever! Salute to those people who have those amazing coolest best job ever. Thanks for sharing.

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