Top 6 Interesting New Mexico Bottomless Lake Facts

     Interesting New Mexico Bottomless Lake Facts – The planet earth where we’re living has never stop surprising us. From the smallest island of Bishop Rock in Isles Scilly, United Kingdom up to the biggest nation of the world. There will always be beautiful and strange things happening from every corner of this planet. Not to mention the breathtaking Aurora Borealis in Iceland, the captivating pink lake Hillier in Australia, the vivid red water color falls in Antarctica, Great Blue hole in Belize, the river with five colors in Colombia and so much more. Tons out there are still yet to be explored and studied by humans. And for sure in the near future more of these things will just appear from nowhere.

     On the other hand, a State Park situated along the Pecos River about 24km southeast of Roswell. This scenic site in New Mexico is popular in the country for people who enjoys camping, hiking, bird watching and swimming. But beyond those beautiful things of the site is a mystery and legends of how this place originated. To get to know more about this place we have gathered interesting New Mexico Bottomless Lake facts that surely tickle your interest. Enjoy!

Bottomless State Park Lake Facts - How To Get There and More
Bottomless State Park Lake Facts – How To Get There and More  | Photo Credits New Mexico Tourism Department

Top 6 Interesting New Mexico Bottomless Lake Facts Includes:

1. Founded and established 1930’s, the Bottomless lake is the first state park of New Mexico with around total land area of 1,400 acres or 567 hectares.

2. The New Mexico’s Bottomless Lakes State Park is composed of nine lakes that are surrounded with cliffs. The largest one is the Lazy Lagoon with surface area of around 26.1acres or 11 hectares and Devil’s Inkwell is considered as the smallest with around 0.36 acres or 0.15 hectares.

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3. Series of legends surrounding the park that objects gone missing, swimmers/divers were drowned and unknown species of animals are living in the bottom of the lake.

4. The park’s name “Bottom Lakes” doesn’t define the place itself. Because basically the lake is not a lake nor bottomless. It’s just a sinkhole filled with water and the illusion of its blue-green water color is due to the underwater plants making the lake endless.

5. According to our sources Wikipedia, out of nine lakes the seven are protected. Only one permits swimming (Lea Lake) and the southernmost Dimmitt Lake is owned by Fin and Feather Club and not part of the state park.

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New Mexico Bottomless Lake State Park Facts - Strange Swimming Pool of the world
New Mexico Bottomless Lake State Park Facts – Strange Swimming Pool Of The World

6. The shallowest of the nine lakes is Pasture Lake with estimated maximum depth of 18 feet. While the deepest is Lazy and Lea Lake with estimated depth of 90 feet or 28 meters.

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Photo Credits: New Mexico Tourist Department

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