Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers

     Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers – As our world keeps turning and developing, we just can’t deny that taking a quality photo during our travel has become one of the most important things to do. Not only it became a common practice for professional photographers who uses the best lenses. People who uses a must have travel gadget – smartphone has also their own way to capture and convey one’s view to the world.

     That’s why anyone who travel is a photographer. Anyone you see in streets snapping pictures of monuments, skylines, sights, food, and personal selfies are photographer. They may not have the best gadgets and equipment’s but it means so much to them capturing every moment in their life.

     For aspiring travelers and photo enthusiast, the countries that you’ve been praying to visit someday are maybe far from the photos you’ve seen in the internet. They might be huge disappointment or they might be beyond what you expect. So if you’re really into this leisure, were suggesting picture perfect countries for travel photographers. And were one-hundred-one percent sure that these travel destinations will not fail you to take good photos. Enjoy!

 Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers Includes:

Paxos and Antipaxos, Ionian Islands - Top Unspoiled Greece Islands
Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers – Paxos and Antipaxos, Ionian Islands 

1. Greece

–     Every year this country has been always been listed as one of the most favorite and visited countries in Europe. It might be a little cliche’s hearing so much about this country these past few months. But seriously, its appeal to the public are beyond with its complex yet very picturesque historical sites.They also have breathtaking coastline and beaches that captivates tons of tourist across the globe, stunning natural lagoons like the Giola in Thassos. And so many more unspoiled Greece islands like Paxos and Antipaxos in Ionian Island.

<center>Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers - Italy </center>
Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers – Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy 

2. Italy

–     Also a European country with long Mediterranean coastline, compromising with the most popular and visually pleasing landmark in the world. Italy is home of the greatest UNESCO heritage sites in the world, specifically located in the great cities of Venice, Florence, Rome and etc.

3. France

–     Famous for its medieval architectural cities, scenic Mediterranean beaches and coastline, classical arts and museums. Great monuments and landmark like Eiffel Tower, sophisticated cuisines and wines. France will surely be anyone’s dream destination especially for romantic couples in the world.

Most Visited Countries In Europe And Why You Should Visit Them - Spain
Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers – Spain

4. Spain

–     Millions of tourist from all over the world flock to this country. To experience there cultural activities, authentic native cuisines and landscapes that are just as widely in photographs. Visitors from other countries are also tempted to travel Spain with its popular city destination, stunning beaches, medieval castles and picture perfect monuments left by Moors and Romans.

 5. Morocco

–    Listed as one of the most romantic places in world, offering unique and exotic experience for romantic couples. Morocco is also one of few countries in the world that are rich in cultural traditions, exquisite tea gardens, amazing tiled mosques, breathtaking sceneries that are all perfect for people who are into photography.

Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers - Turkey Istanbul
Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers – Turkey Istanbul

6. Turkey

–     Just like Greece and Morocco, the country of Turkey has its own picture perfect architectural sites and tiled mosque. From the dome and minaret filled skyline of Istanbul. Up to the Mediterranean beaches and amazing mountains. Turkey has its own unique beauty, perfect for travelers who are  seeking for worth sharing Instagram view.

Boslon Island of Surigao del Sur, Philippines
Top 7 Picture Perfect Countries For Travel Photographers –  Surigao del Sur, Philippines

7. Philippines

–     Comprising more than 7,000 island, this Southeast Asian country has more than you could imagine. In terms of breathtaking sceneries, endless indoor and outdoor adventure, authentic native cuisines, welcoming people and picture perfect sights like Batanes for your social media and personal blogs.

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