Top Cavite Travel Recommendations Every Local and Foreign Tourist Should Consider

    Top Cavite Travel Recommendations – Topographically speaking, my town will never be the last town to explore on your list.  It has its own beauty and every municipality has its own identity. Mountain ridges, waterfalls, historical places, river streams, seas and islands, restaurants, Cavite has it all.

    Since Cavite is part of Philippine history, it never ran out of stuffs to discover. Primarily, Cavite witnessed major events that we’ve only read in books. And if you don’t settle on just reading and learning from books, you may want to make it real and visit these towns. Anticipate knowledge and adventure after!

    I was raised and born here in Cavite so I prefer writing stuffs about my own town. Hopefully you will find this top Cavite travel recommendations reliable. When it comes on giving you idea on places to visit in my province.

Top Cavite Travel Recommendations Every Local and Foreign Tourist Should Consider Includes:

Top Cavite Travel Recommendations - Aguinaldo Shrine Cavite, Philippines
Top Cavite Travel Recommendations – Aguinaldo Shrine Cavite, Philippines | Photo Credits: Owner


    Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite – is the usual historical place that you may want to visit in Cavite. It’s very popular especially for students. It’s very educational and you only have to pay for a few peso if you want to go inside the mansion of Aguinaldo. Actually, almost every barangay in Kawit and Imus got this historical significance on our independence.  I will not just discuss each and every event if you don’t want me to sound as if I am reviewing your knowledge on history. 

    Corregidor Island – is another place to go to if you are fond of historical stuffs, war and military armaments. I’ve been here several times decades ago, because my mom who are working on a military base office had their usual summer outing trip here. My favorite spot aside on bathing and playing at the beach side is the Malinta tunnel. Every section inside the tunnel has its audio – visual space on what happened during World War II.  I haven’t revisit this island nowadays, but if you want to arrange a trip on this Island you may want to book a trip at SunCruise.  They offer a day tour with lunch meal.


    MOUNTAIN RIDGES – Mt. Palay Palay popularly known as Pico de Loro (parrot’s beak) is the most explored mountain here in Cavite.  Mountaineers from suburb town consider this place to be included on their bucket list.  It’s also been considered as one of the best mountains in Luzon.  Adventurers assert that hiking will never be completed if you‘ll never reached the monolith part.  Oh well, I’m not a suicidal type! I’m ok just on the summit itself!

    Just only in the town of Maragondon, 22 mountains are waiting to be discovered. Mountaineers laid eyes also and tried Mt Marami and Silyang Bato. However, I haven’t tried those and only hiked in Mt. Buntis. For professional mountaineers, the latter is only a minor-climb type. But for me as a neophyte it wasn’t. It took us 2 hours to reach the summit and it’s still tedious after all. 

    If you are looking forward to visit these mountains. Please contact Kuya Romeo : 0910 406 3112 and Maragondon Tourism Office at (046) 412 0590

Top Cavite Travel Recommendations - Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite, Philippines
Top Cavite Travel Recommendations – Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite, Philippines | Photo Credits: Owner

    WATERFALLS – Malibiclibic falls is located in Brgy. Lumipa ,Baylen ( Gen.Aguinaldo) Cavite. I just knew this waterfalls lately and visited this last March 2016.  This place wasn’t popular yet and very rare that this was visited by locals. I’ve found find few links online that routed me to this place. That’s why we hurriedly visited this place before others populate the area. Fortunately, we’re the only intruders on that day although it was weekend.  So we really enjoyed our stay and bathing in the cool waters of Malibiclibic. However, according to our guide, no one gets closer to the falls because of its depth, and no one dares to measure how deep it is. Anyhow, I am still amaze that Cavite still owns such Waterfalls.  The water is clear, green and still has unchartered path on your way to the falls.  

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    Balite Falls on the other hand has its own appeal. It is situated in Amadeo, Cavite.  It has two waterfalls, the bigger is the main falls and the other one located at the left most part is a man-made falls. Unlike Malibiclibic falls, Balite has a cemented path going to the falls itself and it has more visitors. It also has villas and cottage as an option if you want to stay overnight. You also have to pay 75 pesos for an entrance fee and cottage price ranges from 300 pesos to 1500 pesos.  

  • RIVERS – Cold spring and river stream can be found in Indang Cavite. Resorts like Rio Villanuevo and Villa Filomena Natural Spring are the most visited resorts on this town.
  • SEAS – Caylabne resort offers and provide amenities that tourist will look for. Nevertheless if you’re in a budget tour, visit Marines beach Resort (Boracay de Cavite) located in Ternate Cavite. This is a cove that gives the same ambience and mood.  You will only pay less than a 100 pesos for an entrance fee but cottages are very limited so I advise you’ll bring your own tent.
  • ISLAND- Carabao and Limbones Island can be found on the vicinity of Maragondon. This was being promoted now by the Municipality so it will be easy now to get there. You only need a permit from them and they will provide a boatman/local guide. You may hop in these islands, as an option,  if you are already in Maragondon. It will only take less than an hour of boat ride to conquer one of these islands.


Top Cavite Travel Recommendation - Buku-Buku Kafe Cavite, Philippines
Top Cavite Travel Recommendations – Buku-Buku Kafe Cavite, Philippines

    Lots of good food and best restaurants can also be found in Tagaytay City. I am not a food blogger and I rarely go to restaurants and check what they can offer.  But I was captivated by these cafes in Cavite. You may want to visit these and check it for yourself!

  • Buku Buku Kafe – This themed cafe is located at the Ground Floor of The District Mall, in Anabu Imus, Cavite. Once you visit the area, you might be fascinated with its concept. Yes, bookworms out there would be happy seeing this. Books hanging on the ceiling and they offers books for rent. Not only that, this cafe caters good food with a twist and it really tastes good. They support indie music artists, arts and literature especially poetry.  This will be loved by those artsy individual. They also produce events like poetry reading every weekend. You may like their BukuBukuKafe Facebook page for more info.
  • DreamLand Arts and Cafe – Another artsy themed restaurants for the dreamers. Can be found along Calamba Road in Tagaytay City, besides Verazza Hotel, walking distance from Olivarez Circle.  Aside from the good and healthy food it offers, the ambiance is very relaxing, stylish, that will give you a hippie vibe! They also sell locally made crafts and accessories. A bed and breakfast is also offered there. You may contact: +639778263271 and Like Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe on Facebook.

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