Travel Adventure: Osmeña Peak Traverse To Kawasan Falls

  Osmeña Peak Traverse To Kawasan Falls – Finally the wait is over. Been waiting for this for a long time and now we’ve got to experience our very first  travel adventure at Osmeña Peak traverse to Kawasan Falls.

   Watching travel shows like  Biyahe Ni Drew and seeing a person traveling, doing some outdoor and crazy adventure makes us inspired to also do those stuffs. Though were not an athletic type of persons where we could do any types of activities. We are still looking forward to at least try those crazy stuffs  once in a while.

    So earlier in September our crew  finally got the chance to experience trekking and witness the sunrise at Osmeña peak. Located at Mantalongon, Dalagute which is considered the highest peak in Cebu with approximately 1000 meters above sea level , it is really a perfect place for camping and trekking.

So How to Get to Osmeña Peak?

     – There are actually two options you can choose to get Osmeña Peak. First , you can choose to ride  at South Bus Terminal  where air-con buses are available or you can have buses at Caltex near USJR Main, Carbon.

bato to oslob cebu

    If you choose to ride at South Bus Terminal (Window 10 – Oslob/Argao) I recommend you  to get your legs ready for standing position. LoL. Been there. 🙂 For 3-4 hours you will be dropped at Dalaguete and  you will be paying 102 regular fare (non-aircon bus)  plus 50-100 pesos habal-habal (motorcycle) from Dalaguete to the starting point of your trekking adventure. While at Caltex near USJR Main,Carbon  you will paying not less than 100 pesos for the bus plus you don’t need to pay for habal-habal since you will be dropped at Mantalongon market where you can just hike to the camping site.


     In our case we choose to ride at South Bus Terminal since we didn’t catch up the 5:00 pm  last trip of buses in Caltex. We leave Cebu exactly 7:35 pm and  arrive Dalaguete exactly 11:10 pm. We have no choice but just to pay 100 pesos  for habal-habal to bring us to the starting point going to Osmeña Peak. According to our little tour guide #1 (Harvey), it will be a 45 minutes hike to get to that camp site.  So instead of going to the camp site, we just decided  to build our tent right after the road (WHERE HABAL-HABAL drop us) and spend our night  thereWe then started to hike at 4:30 am and reach the top of Osmeña Peak.

osmena peak paf adventure

         – Osmeña Peak, Dalagute View –

sunset osmena peak

– Sunrise at Osmeña Peak –

Osmeña Peak Traverse To Kawasan Falls:

trail going to kawasan  

   Again you can have two options. According to our little tour guide #2 (Brian), we can choose to hike at highway spending  6 hours of walking or we can climb 4 mountains with only  2 hours. Of course we choose 2 hours. We just can’t imagine walking straight 6 hours, that would be exhausting for sure. And as what we expected, the road to Kawasan Falls is not easy. Slippery trails, small paths, and up and down hills. We just don’t slip ones, twice, we slip many times. Though the whole trail is slippery  we still manage to finish the trail.

   It took us approximately  2 hours and 30 minutes of hiking to get to the last part of whole trail. We then ride tricycle to brings us to Matutinao Badian where Kawasan Falls is located.

Kawasan Falls Cebu

  Overall the whole hiking experience is exhausting. But after seeing breathtaking view at  the top of Osmeña Peak and witnessing the crystal clear water of Kawasan falls all our hardships paid off. It just means that working hard is very important in life. We are not going anywhere without working extremely hard. Just like what the saying says:

    “Success comes to the people who work hard and have a positive mind. Always focus on your goals. One day you will reach your goals and then all your hard work will pay off.”

 tour guide osmena peak

–  Our Little Tour Guides: #1 going to Osmeña Peak & #2 at Kawasan Falls   –

Overall Expenses:

Bus fare (Back & Forth) –  220 pesos

Habal-habal  fare – 100 pesos night fare ( 50 day fare)

Tricycle – 60 pesos

Kawasan Falls entrance fee – 20 pesos

Tour Guide  1 (Going to Osmeña Peak) – 150 pesos ( 30 each since were five)

Tour Guide 2 (Osmeña Peak Traverse To Kawasan Falls)  – 800 pesos ( 160 each )

Food – Approximately 150 pesos

Total : 860 pesos each

   Tip #1: I recommend that you choose to ride buses at Caltex near USJR, Carbon since the fare is cheaper and you will not be paying fare for habal-habal  at Dalagute . Your expenses will surely lesser than us.

   Tip #2: If you plan to get to Osmeña Peak Traverse To Kawasan Falls always wear your trekking equipments especially hiking shoes and don’t forget to bring enough water.


* That we should be wearing trekking shoes next time.

* That we should bring less things in our next adventure.

* That witnessing hundred of stars in the sky is more beautiful than what we see in pictures.

*  That after this adventure we don’t consider our-self newbie anymore. LOL 🙂

*  And that this adventure will definitely not the last.

  If you have questions about our whole travel experience. Please put your questions  or inquiries down below.

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22 thoughts on “Travel Adventure: Osmeña Peak Traverse To Kawasan Falls

  1. I also like to go for such kind of adventures but I have Ischemia thus, I couldn’t go for hiking or anything of that sort. Given the opportunity, I would love to. It’s really nice to appreciate nature at it’s finest. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been here, but it looks really nice. Oh climbing (not pro climbing, just those bukid climbing, lol) is what I missed. When you have kids na kasi, climbing becomes verrry difficult! lol!

    1. I couldn’t agree more that’s why mountain climbing is impossible activity to us. Maybe when our daughter hits 10yo, but the more I think about hiking, my soul gets hungrier for mountain adventure. 😀

  3. A moment to remember! My friend been to Kawasan Falls, she said that its beautiful malayo layo nga lang, This post is great! Really took me back closer to nature. Ganda ng Pinas- thanks for sharing:)

  4. It’s great to have a group of friends who share the same passion with you. It’s great I get to know blogger friends here in Pampanga recently.

  5. Wish I had the kind of outdoor spirit (and exposure) when I was your age. Continue doing this. I just read about how awesome O-peak is in another blog. This must really be a great place to go to.

  6. There just so many places to visit in beautiful Philippines! This reminded me of the time we hiked to Ditumabo Falls. I was even wearing flip flops! My Havaianas were surely tested, haha!

  7. there’s really so many places to visit in Cebu! Love that Kawasan Falls. A friend of mine invited me to go there before, hindi lang kame natuloy. But it sure looks Instagram worthy ah!

  8. This is really great! I would love to go back to Cebu really soon and travel more of it’s beautiful places 😀

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