Travel Tips: 8 Must Bring Boracay Travel Essential

     Must Bring Boracay Travel Essential – Basically there’s only a little to pack when we‘re just going to beach. Probably a swimsuit for girls, summer shorts for boys, extra t-shirt, sunglasses, flip-lops, lotion, sunscreen and other related products. But usually most of us overthink so much that we pack things that aren’t so necessary.

     We tend to bring too much clothes when its just 3 days and 2 night stay. We tend to bring inessential expensive accessories when we all know that it’s risky to wear it in public areas. We tend to bring too much gadgets even the heaviest equipment that we have and etc.

    Now if you’re visiting the most famous and world renowned beach in the Philippines, located 2 km northwestern of Panay Island in Western Visayas. Approximately 315 km south of the capital in the country – Manila. Then you might check our list below of must bring Boracay travel essential. Note: Some of these things are little bit no-brainer if you forget to bring. Again hopefully you’ll find these one helpful and informative. Enjoy!

Must Bring Boracay Travel Essential Includes:

Travel Tips - 8 Must Bring Boracay Travel Essential
Travel Tips –  8 Must Bring Boracay Travel Essential

1. Sufficient Clothes For Your Whole Stay

     – Sufficient clothes means enough clothes. Not having so much and not even lack than what is planned. Probably a pair of swimming attire, few summer shirts, casual attire for Boracay nightlife and other desired fashion statement. As long as you don’t look like packing your whole closet even you’re just staying few nights in the island.

2. Sunglasses / Hats / Umbrella

     – A protection for our eyes and skin is very essential when where going to beach especially Boracay. Even at night after involving and being wasted with a lot of parties happening in the island. You can still use your sunglasses/hats if you don’t want to be bothered while snoozing.

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3. Sunscreen, Lotion, Mosquito Repellents and etc.

     – Believe it or not, most traveler still forget to bring sunscreen and other skin related products as they think that it isn’t necessary in traveling. But in Boracay’s case or in tropical country like Philippines in general, without a skin protection (sunscreen/mosquito repellents) even you’re a guy will definitely result to sunburn and worse is mosquito borne diseases. Note: There maybe convenience store in the island where you can buy skin products but just expect prices would be expensive.

4. Beach shoes / Flip-lops

     – Basically a footwear for beach is a must. You can either bring a stylish beach shoes or you can have a normal slippers when you’re roaming around in Boracay. Note: Most people intentionally forget to bring flip-lops in their travel. Simply because they think they can just easily buy it at hotel / souvenir shops. Yes it definitely true. But expect the prices would be high just like skin related products (#4).

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5. Your Own Toiletries

     – Most hotels in Boracay island offers free and limited basic hygiene commodity like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and etc. But be cautious some of these product might be not compatible with your sensitive skin. So better have your own toiletries anywhere you travel not just in Boracay.

Must Have Gadgets For travelling - Action Camera
Boracay Must Have Gadgets For Traveling – Action Camera

6. Smartphone And Other Travel Gadgets

    – This might be a no-brainer if you’re in a vacation, particularly visiting Boracay Island with no DSLR camera or probably smartphone for pictures and videos.But wait, don’t forget to bring action camera if you’re doing island hopping, aquanaut and other water activities in Boracay. Other must have gadgets for traveling should include a noise cancelling headphone, power bank, adapters and etc.

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7. Small Pouch / Belt Bag

       – After a day of jam pack activities and food tripping,we all surely want to just walk around and see what the buzz  at night in Boracay. So we will be outside our hotel bringing our stuffs like phone, wallet, keys and etc. Now this time, our oversize backpacked must be ditch and our small pouch/belt bag makes a grand entrance.

8. Extra Cash / ATM / Credit Card

     – Boracay can be expensive for people who had no idea that there a lot of ways and ideas on how to survived in this island in limited budget. With all the tempting mouth watering  foods to eat, must do outdoor activities that made Boracay famous, and etc. It’s only just a matter of comprehensible research in the internet so you’ll avoid trickster. So just to make it safe, just bring extra cash for emergency reasons.

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