7 Simple Ways To Be Happy In Life

      Ways To Be Happy In Life – Every other day we all  always ask ourselves of what really make us happy. Whether its job related, financial statuses or most likely in a relationship. So to be fully guided, here’s our list or lets just say our ways to be happy in life.

7 Simple Ways To Be Happy In Life Includes:


yes1. FOOD

Pizzas, Burgers, Fries, Ice cream, Cakes, Sweets, etc and even liquors . Indulging yourself with food is one way to make you happy. It doesn’t mean you can eat everything you want, spending lot of money and feel wasted.Its about balancing the right  food. If you want exotic food, Asian foods, European foods then be it.

   Eating healthy can support us from being happy at the same time it will keep us healthy ” THE HAPPY FOODS.”

2. Be Contented

       How can you be happy if you’re not contented? Embrace the things you have, be thankful and you’ll end up having more. Focus on the  things that you have not the things that you ask because once you learn to appreciate life, you will end up increasing the chances of experiencing happiness.

3.Think Positive

       Ignore the negativity of surroundings. Instead, be positive and constantly work hard to give the best effort and eventually you can overcome the  problems and you will be brave enough to face the greater challenges. Letting go of the negativity quickly is definitely healthy.


       These days people chooses to stay at home watch TV, surf internet, Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and etc. Well, you need to stop that. According to latest study that elder people who socialize has the benefits of smoothing their immune system and reducing the stress hormones on the body. Actually there’s nothing wrong in socializing, We are social animals, same level all we need is love and respect. For teens and adults, have friends with happy people cause you will definitely acquire something from them. If your too shy socializing with other people, Family is the right person to talk cause they absolutely know us. Share our experiences, what we feel and ask advice from them.


enjoy life5. Pleasure & Play

     Finding your pleasure is maybe the best way to make you happy. Travel, Pictures, Food, Movies, Sports anything that you will enjoy and be delighted. Start and end pleasing yourself.

If you can find your happiness in Online Games or in any Sports  you definitely need to play hard but when your in school or work, don’t do it at all. School is School . Work is Work. There is a big difference with it.

6. Look for Quiet

Giving yourself a time to be quiet is Happiness . Find a place, absorb the quietness, and release the stress in your body by thinking the happy things that came into your life. It may sound awkward at first, but if you do it repeatedly and you can connect to yourself it will absolutely help you.


        The essence of writing for us is also one of   important ways to be happy. In this part we can have  documentation on our experiences. Anytime we can look back in the past by just reading on our works. But writing does not stop here, actually amazing pictures can support and improves writing. So start taking beautiful pictures now. GOOD LUCK 🙂

What do you think of our ways to be happy in life? Make sure to put your comments below!


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