What Makes You Cool?

  What is the word “cool” means to you?  What makes you cool in the eyes of your friends? Here’s our list of what people commonly think by the world itself “cool.”

    Like a security blanket owning the latest gadgets or being “in” in the latest trends gives us the sense of belongingness and recognition.  In the Philippines almost all Filipinos have their own cellphones even people in the low/middle class. In fact they have better gadgets compared to others. That’s why Filipino’s are considered as one of the top cell user’s in the world. According to PhilStar more than 30 million text messages are transmitted daily, twice as many as in all of Europe.

   We all know that aside from the obvious use of cellphones “for a convenient tool of communication” these are also used in a harmful way. But have you noticed mostly teenagers have the best and latest gadget? How about their parents who barely buy things new things   just to provide this latest gadget? Does following the trends really makes us cool? A great ex. from HolyTaco, these items  you think make you cool, but it actually don’t.

Here’s What People Commonly Think  if They Hear the Word “Cool” :

* Owning the latest cellphone model and gadgets

* Owning branded shoes and bags

* Wearing the latest trendy clothes

* Having the trendiest hairstyle

* Dancing the latest dance craze

* Smoking cigarettes (

* Having a lot of  girlfriend and etc.

Here’s what we think hearing the world “cool” :

* Being in the honor roll

* Submitting the best science project for the school

* Playing in the school’s varsity team

* Being confident

* Wearing sneakers

* Friendly

* Self-Awareness and etc.

   Actually there’s nothing wrong looking good. It’s just that mostly people are being so selfish and rude to others who can’t afford being cool. They make people feel “outsiders” and worst is they make fun on them in public. Yes, this happens a lot today.  Let just say they are called “cool kids”  who make cruel things to others. They are just lucky they have parents who will buy them new clothes, new shoes, new cellphones and etc.

    From the word “cool” itself a lot meanings  can interpret. It could be a food that makes us cool, it could be the qualities of a person or it could be things that makes our house always cool.  But for us, if you have one without the other you will never be cool.

   First: Confidence – Is probably one of the most important characteristics if  you want a successful life.  However, an extremely confident person without self-awareness  will be seen as an arrogant  person. It’s just that confidence can help us achieve the things we dream.

   Second: Self-Awareness – With self-awareness and no confidence  is useless. This is a very good quality we must  have. However the self-awareness of person or fear of  exposing their character is too much and it could be harmful to themselves. Let’s just say being confident while always thinking of what we do.

  Also just wanted to add, adventure makes anyone cool. Just don’t always try things that you are  used to. Because a lot of things that we never expect will makes us feel better.

Good luck on your journey! And hopefully you will be able to find your own  identity and your own “coolness”.  Have a great day! 🙂

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How about you? What makes you cool? Make sure to put your comments below!

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21 thoughts on “What Makes You Cool?

  1. I don’t agree on what it says that if you have the latest mobile phones or their models, you will be look cool. Yes you will be cool in that way but if you can’t afford it but you want to buy from your saving or credit – think twice as well. Mobile phones easily changes their features.

  2. i think being cool is someone who have dignity, honor, and self respect as well as a sense of own unique style that doesnt need to burn loads of money. i never thought any guys who own latest cars, gadgets, do drugs or smoke cool, not even in high school (this is why they thought i was too weird) XD

  3. Knowing how to carry yourself and deal with different situations to me is what makes a lot of people I admire cool. Inner strength, it’ll ooze out and scream one’s coolness effortlessly.

  4. Being cool for me is being respectful of elderly, our parents and others, being kind to those who cannot give back, not bullying is cool. Plus, going on an adventure is cool!

  5. a gratifying expression without really qualifying it of anything that satisfies you. This is how I regard the expression cool.

  6. Being cool for me means easy going, friendly and fun. Love reading your article and I think my brother will agree on the list above.:)

  7. Each one us has it’s own definition of being cool and it’s relative to whom you speak with. For me what make cool is being truth herself/himself.

  8. For me, being cool is being yourself. Being comfortable with what you are and how you got there without minding what others think of you.

  9. I am a cool dad , sabi ng mga friends ko. Why I am cool, perhaps hindi kasi ako madaling ma-rattle. and one thing I love to do, makes people happy. yan ang coolness ko.

  10. Being cool is subjective! And yeah, I don’t agree that being cool is having the latest gadgets, and wearing trendy fashion. For me, it’s having your individuality and being confident.

  11. When hearing the word cool, I always had a picture of the girl in the drums or on the bass, guy who cooks, a kid on the skateboard. Those type of things!

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