Whitehaven Beach Facts: Surreal Travel Destination You Need To Visit

  Whitehaven Beach Facts – At some point of our busy, demanding and hectic responsibility either at office, school or home. We all probably dream to go somewhere road tripping or fly distant cities/countries to unwind, relax and escape the reality of life even just for a couple days or week. We’ll good thing today, with the advantage of digital technology, search engine and social media. We can now travel solo or with our loved ones to any destination we dream to visit effortlessly and conveniently like the beautiful Maldives, breathtaking Iceland and more.

  From booking an accommodation and flight through the use of must have travel gadget – smartphone as well as city activities, tour packages and so much more. We all definitely agree that travelling has gone easier and hassle free as we can know almost everything and anything where we will be going. Another travel destination we’re suggesting you to consider visiting in your next vacation is known for its white sand. Get to know more about this surreal place as we’re about to give you Whitehaven beach facts you’ll probably didn’t know. Let’s get into it!

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Whitehaven Beach Facts: Surreal Travel Destination You Need To Visit

Whitehaven Beach Facts - Hamilton Island Photo By TripAdvisor
Whitehaven Beach Facts – Hamilton Island Photo By TripAdvisor

 1. The picture perfect Whitehaven beach is situated in the heart of Great Barrier Reef – Whitsundays QLD 4802, Australia where you can enjoy its pristine fine white sand,  turquoise colored waters as well as you can enjoy BBQ party and have a camping.

2. According to Wikipedia, the Whitehaven beach is the largest of the 74 continental islands in the Whitsundays islands including Whitehaven, Nocolson, Lupton, Workington, Bird, Black, Saddleback, Poole, Middle, Olden, Armiet, Double Cone, Planton, Hamiltonand etc.

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3. Every year Whitehaven beach is praised and listed  as one of the best beaches in Australia and in the world. By various major travel/news website and magazine  including Forbes, LonelyPlanet, DailyMail, Insider, Condé Nast Traveler, CNN and more.

4. Before the awarding winning beach is known all over the world today, Whitehaven was just any other normal island. Until it was  discovered and said to be named by Staff Commander EP Bedwell  in 1879 still as per our Wikipedia resources.

5.  Also as per sources, before the dreamlike paradise Whitehaven was formed today, the Whitsundays islands were once mountaintops and Ngaro Aboriginal used to lived in the island. However due to rise of sea levels, these islands slowly emerged and formed.

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Whitehaven Beach Facts - Surreal Travel Destination You Need To Visit
Whitehaven Beach Facts – Surreal Travel Destination You Need To Visit

WhiteHaven Beach Accommodation Book Via: AGODA  | BOOKING.COM

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6. Whitehaven beach was  awarded by its state as the cleanest beach in Keeps Australia’s Beautiful 2008 Clean Beach Challenge State Awards.Cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited as as well dog’s are not permitted on the beach.

7.  The cleanliness and the white sand in Whitehaven contains  98 percent silica making it more stand out from the other popular beach in the world.  It’s extreme soft and fine with said to compare of baby powder and it doesn’t retain heat making to more ideal to walk barefoot even on a hot day.

8. If you wish to visit the place, refer Australia Official Website for how to get there and more information of the beautiful Whitehaven beach.

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Whitehaven Beach Facts - Travel Guide Facts
Whitehaven Beach Facts – Travel Guide Facts | Photo Credits: Queensland.com Official Website 

Featured Image Photo Credits: Pixabay Free Stock Photos

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